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Last Updated: August 31, 2016 8:32 pm GMT
(August 31, 2016) The team of experts at Tripletcam, a company that is passion driven and motivated to create filmmaking products that are guaranteed to meet and exceed clients’ expectations every time. It is with great delight and pleasure that we announce the upcoming launch of revolutionary camera apparatus — a technically advanced universal chamber-360-degree-module-based camera.

Dubbed as ‘Tripletcam,’ and also known as TTcam, this fantastic camera is for the ever-expanding virtual reality market, and istruly in a class of its own. It has been correctly described as the first universal camera to utilise 360-degree panoramic shooting’ modules.

TTcam is flexible because of its modules; it is made for image quality stabilization, 4K resolution and with the use of varied lenses, either “regular” video width or full panoramic width videos. The angles range from 360-270-180-90 degrees. This gives users the opportunity tochoose the camera’s functionality by using selectable cameras, thereby making it possible to minimise storage needs.

One of the company’s developers said:“We are thrilled and delighted about the make-up, features, and functionalities of this remarkable camera, and we know our customers would be pleased with it. We hope that our unique photography device will be an extremely useful supplement that will help professional and consumer photographers to improve the quality of their everyday life and leisure time. The multifunctional device contributes to facilitate the process of solving many routine and business tasks.”

What makes TTcam standout are its distinguishing features, which include:

• Ergonomic, pyramidal design providing stability even on rough or uneven surfaces.

• Flexibility due to the adjustability of the camera modules… The multifunctional device helps to facilitate the process of solving many routine and business tasks.

• Taking Shots at any viewing angle 360°-270°-180°-90° and technical properties which make the camera sustainable to mechanical damages.

• Opportunity for choosing the camera’s functionality by using its separate camera modules. This makes it possible to acquire the precise amount of data you need.

TTcam can modify frame rate (to 60 fps) and resolution with the function of simultaneous recording from all lenses. Also, the main distinctive feature of this high-powered modules is that they are replaceable. They are enclosed in a waterproof casing and are uniquely designed to allow for removal in the dark.

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