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Last Updated: September 2, 2016 2:25 pm GMT
(Boston, Massachusetts--September 2, 2016) Software developer axle Video (IBC Hall 7, D.07) announced an important new version of its award-winning media management platform, with the ability to handle 1 million assets. With the ever-increasing amount of footage captured in video applications, especially by mid-sized media departments and organizations, this represents a near-doubling in capacity from the previous release, and the company expects further enhancements to scale over the next year. axle 2016.2 is available immediately, and works with standard network storage systems to provide unprecedented ability to easily organize, tag and share larger quantities of media files.

axle 2016.2 featured at IBC 2016

In addition to the million-asset capability, axle 2016.2 introduces several key new features:
  1. Gigabyte-scale large file uploading for users not directly connected to the system
  2. axle Panel inside Adobe Premiere Pro CC with integrated player and support for Elastic Search and bins
  3. Optional Active Directory support module to synchronize with usernames and passwords at corporate and university sites
  4. Expanded REST API capabilities allowing third party applications to integrate easily with axle solutions
  5. Support for Atomos Shogun formatted XML metadata and media ingest, with metadata captured in axle 2016.2 custom metadata fields

Larry Jordan, an axle Video customer and industry expert (, said: "I work with media professionals all over the world. All of us are challenged to find exactly the clips we need and still stay on deadline. The 2016.2 version of axle Video allows us to track hundreds of thousands of assets without requiring extensive hardware or IT support. The customized metadata and search allows us to customize the data we track. And the web browser interface makes all this information easily accessible to everyone in a workgroup. Plus, the faster speed in the new version benefits everyone."

"We're delighted with the performance of our new 2016.2 release, which allows customers to catalog very large SAN and NAS filesystems without changing their workflows," said Sam Bogoch, CEO of axle Video, "and the increased speed and scale, large file uploading, and optional Active Directory support extend the reach of axle's radically simple approach to media management to larger organizations and media teams. Because axle 2016.2 makes proxies of even large numbers of clips and still images, it can make sense for workgroups with tens or hundreds of terabytes of shared storage and a lot of media coming and going.""

Until now, managing and sharing large amounts of media files has been an elaborate undertaking, with specialized storage systems and customized MAM software. Compared to traditional MAM systems, where costs of a deployment often stretch into six figures, axle's solution offers much lower costs, shorter deployment time (hours or days instead of weeks or months) and is far easier to use. Based on this new scenario, hundreds of customers in the corporate, educational, sports, and house of worship markets, as well as broadcast and postproduction facilities, have enthusiastically adopted axle's solutions.


axle 2016.2 is available immediately with pricing starting at $1,295 for a 2-user version. A 5-user version is $2,995, and the axle Gear configuration with extended transcode support is $4,995. The software is a free upgrade for all existing users with support. axle's Active Directory interface module is $2,995, and archiving integrations with XenData and Archiware are $2,000 each. Axle 2016.2 is available worldwide from axle Video, as well as from Avid and all Avid resellers worldwide.

About axle Video

axle Video ( , IBC Stand 7.D07) is the pioneer in developing radically simple software for media management and capture. Its solutions help small to mid-size organizations improve the way they gather, share and archive digital video content, with media management solutions that are easy to install, use and afford. Its radically simple media software uniquely addresses a burgeoning need and has caught on rapidly among video professionals in post-production, education, broadcast, corporate, sports, house of worship, non-profit, advertising-marketing, and government organizations worldwide. At its introduction, axle Video's software was recognized with the IBC 2012 Best of Show award and at NAB 2013 with the prestigious DV Magazine Black Diamond and Post Picks awards. axle Video is a privately held company; its founders have extensive industry experience in media asset management for creative applications. Learn more at

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