Director Patrick Finnegan Joins Award-Winning Production Company Kaboom


Last Updated: September 12, 2016 6:37 pm GMT
(September 12, 2016) Kaboom Productions proudly welcomes director Patrick Finnegan to the company. At Kaboom, Patrick joins a diverse collection of multi-talented directors with national and international reach.

“Patrick is a marvelous and unique combination that is rare in this business,” comments Kaboom owner/EP Lauren Schwartz. “He has the energy and enthusiasm that you typically only find in a new director, with the maturity and experience from years in the business. His time as a respected and sought-after AD and actor gives him depth that you don't have with many other directors. He is the best of both worlds...truly.”

A former actor in nearly 50 national commercials, he has a deep appreciation and understanding of both casting and how to direct talent. He connects easily and authentically, eliciting the best from those in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Having worked extensively as a DGA 1st A.D., comfortably leading, problem solving and supporting a fluid process, he has had a front row view to a landscape of approaches with directors of all stripes. This experience, combined with considerable technical skills and craftsmanship, make Patrick a diverse partner in the exploration of brand voice and effective storytelling.

Patrick is impassioned to tell stories communicated through visually rich imagery and a framing that skews the world slightly to reveal hidden truths and emotion. His directing career was launched with an unprecedented opportunity to work on an expansive, long-term, content campaign for the United States Navy. In partnership with the Navy’s Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership, patrick developed an ethical branding concept, and then traveled the country to document quietly powerful stories of honor, valor and exceptional strength.

“What drew me to sign Patrick is that I have known him personally for a number of years; and his integrity and passion for his work is unparalleled. It shows in what he accomplished for the Navy and how he approached every aspect of that project,” notes Schwartz.

For Patrick, joining Kaboom was the opportunity to work with a supporting network lead by Schwartz: “Lauren is incredibly hard working and truly motivated to find innovative and compelling solutions for clients. I appreciate that drive and am excited to see what we can develop together.”

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