Archion EditStor Keeps Away "The Heat" From Langley Productions' "COPS"


Langley has over 20 Avid editors connected with 10GigE to EditStor for their shows ‘COPS’ and ‘Jail’

Last Updated: October 4, 2016 2:49 am GMT
(San Francisco, California--October 4, 2016) Archion Technologies, a world leader in intelligent, ultra high performance shared storage solutions for media workflows, has announced that its EditStor has been successfully performing as the post production storage for the hit Langley Productions reality TV series “Cops,” as well as other Langley TV series, including “Jail.”

Best known as the production house behind the long running reality program “COPS,” Langley Productions is one of the U.S.’s premiere independent non-fiction production companies. Now in its 29th season, “COPS” originally aired on FOX TV until season 26, when it moved to Spike TV. Langley’s “Jail” reality TV series has been on television for nine years, and also airs on Spike TV.

For many years, Langley Productions’ Post Production team has relied on Avid editorial tools, including Avid Shared Storage. But like other Avid based facilities, Langley had trusted Archion’s Synergy product attached to the Avid Unity. That trust continued when, mid-2015, the Langley team decided to upgrade their facility with Archion’s EditStor solution.

“We are delighted to be working with Langley Productions and their series ‘COPS,’ a major success for nearly three decades,” said Reuben Lima, Archion’s CEO/Founder. “Our solid relationship with Langley serves as a testament to the performance, trust and reliability of Archion’s EditStor storage solution.”

MItsuo Goto, Post Producer at Langley Productions, and Abbey Wysocki, Post Production Supervisor, Langley Productions, add, “Replacing Avid Unity was a very big decision for us at Langley Productions last year. We chose Archion’s EditStor over Avid ISIS and other systems because of its high performance capabilities and vast experience with Avid workflow.”

Langley has over 20 Avid editors connected with 10GigE to EditStor for their shows ‘COPS’ and ‘Jail,’ along with on-going development projects. James Tucci, Archion’s CTO, said, “It’s an amazing workflow that Goto has worked out to bring the ‘COPS’ to television. 10GigE is crucial in getting all the footage ingested, logged and edited in time. That is what the Archion system gives our clients – the speed and the time.”

Continue Goto and Wysocki, “We have been extremely impressed with the speed, stability and overall functionality of EditStor. Also, the customer support team at Archion is beyond excellent, adding one more safety net against our tight production schedule. Their CTO Jim Tucci is available to us if necessary, and his staff has always been very helpful. They even let us come into their office to try to break their system in their presence, but we couldn’t do it!”

Goto and Wysocki are currently upgrading Langley’s post unit to the newest version of Archion’s ShareConnector, so that the Langley post team can quickly and easily share data directly from its various television productions through the EditStor. ShareConnector provides that transparency between Archion and Avid Project Sharing. The latest version of ShareConnector, with its improved speed and ease of use, continues to make it a tool of choice for Media Composer.

Zeke Margolis, Los Angeles Office Manager for Cutting Edge, a leading technology reseller and integrator of editorial, broadcast, and related workflows, has over 20 years of post production storage – including Avid Shared Storage and 4K video storage - and media workflow experience. Margolis, the Archion reseller and integrator for Langley Productions, adds, “I’ve been an Archion reseller for over ten years, and was the liaison between Archion and Langley. Langley had had some previous exposure to Archion products – Archion’s storage expansion for their existing Avid Unity platform. When it was time for Langely to look for alternate creative storage systems in 2015 – since they were in the market for a replacement - they looked at a few products and chose Archion’s EditStor. It was important as part of Langely’s decision to maintain the continuity of their Avid Unity experience with project sharing – something that Archion does very well.”

Margolis continues, “Archion offers probably the closest thing to replicating Avid Unity’s project sharing system, so that was attractive to Langley in their decision to add in the EditorStor EO. Also, because of the fact that Langley already had existing fiber optics cabling, they could transition their post department to a 10-Gig Ethernet system and recycle all of that cabling, saving them tens of thousands of dollars. Other storage solutions they might have selected would have required them to make a much more significant investment – but with Archion, they could seamlessly integrate the EditStor with a minimal amount of additional cost. Today, Langley has 20 Avid systems wired into the EditStor EO. Archion has been very accommodating, working closely with Langley’s switch hardware vendor to ensure that the testing and final installation worked out well. It’s all been working great, since Archion has always had a strong industry reputation for product stability and reliability.”

Each product from Archion’s EditStor line is an NAS shared storage system designed for demanding post production workflows. The EditStor line provides Avid, Adobe and Apple digital video professionals high performance, scalable and affordable shared storage solutions that also have broad functionality.

Archion’s EditStor networked storage makes media sharing easy and affordable for digital video professionals utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut 7 and FCPX, Avid Media Composer® and Pro Tools, Sony Vegas®, and other popular media creation tools. These high performance, feature rich media storage systems are about much more than just storing, creating, and sharing; they facilitate the flow, conversion, and management of media within the production, post production and finishing workflow.

Founded 23 years ago by Jeff Briss, Tom Richardson, Brian Botel and Sig Knapstad, Cutting Edge is a California-based technology reseller and systems integrator. Representing over 400 manufacturers, Cutting Edge provides solutions for audio and video recording, editorial, storage, distribution, and professional A/V. Support services include facility design, asset management, custom workflows, preventive maintenance and ongoing support and training. See:

Best known as the production house behind the long running reality program “COPS,” Langley Productions is one of the U.S.’s premiere independent non-fiction production companies.

In 1988, “COPS” premiered on the newly launched FOX Broadcasting network. This groundbreaking production, often cited as the first “reality” show on TV, has gone on to become one of the longest running series in the history of television. “COPS” pioneered the often-emulated video verité style, influencing everything from news coverage to scripted TV and film. Other unscripted series followed, including “Jail,” “Las Vegas Jailhouse,” “Vegas Strip,” “Undercover Stings,” and a series of one-hour documentaries under the “Anatomy of Crime” banner.

In 2016, “COPS” began its 29th consecutive season, and is currently in production with police and Sheriff’s departments across the country. “Jail,” in its 8th season, is also currently in production in the great state of Texas. Both shows air on Spike TV. In addition, “COPS RELOADED” airs on CMT.

Langley Productions continues to develop and produce original, independent film and television projects, and is set to expand into the online, mobile and video game markets. Please see:

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Archion Technologies is a global leader in intelligent, high performance shared storage solutions for media workflows, with an emphasis on 4K video storage specifically designed for the editorial, graphics, and other media workflows commonly used where creative storage systems are required for the broadcast, production, corporate, education, government, house of worship, and sports industries.

Founded by a team of post production, technology, and entertainment industry professionals in 1998, Archion has defined a new standard of performance, protection and affordability for shared storage solutions. Since its founding, the company’s storage technologies have been critical to the success of thousands of TV, film, commercial, documentary, and other content creation projects.

Archion’s storage systems are most often used by professionals integrating Avid, Apple, Adobe, Autodesk, Blackmagic Resolve, NewTek and other creative workflow tools. For more information, please visit:


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