Netstor Unveils First USB-C Dual-Bay RAID Storage for the Creative Professionals


Dual bay enclosure includes reversible USB 3.1 Type-C connector, making it extremely easy to transfer content at tremendous speeds up to 10Gbps

Last Updated: October 12, 2016 8:43 am GMT
(Taipei, Taiwan--October 12, 2016) Netstor NA460C storage is designed to not only be compact and light, but also functional, with high performance. In a dual-bay configuration, the stylish gold color of the NA460C pairs nicely with recent PCs and other laptops like Appleā€™s MacBook. Measuring only 65mm thin and weighing just 1 pound with SSDs installed, the NA460C is with precise storage build and a premium look thanks to its dedicated, crafted accurate aluminum enclosure design.

The dual bay enclosure includes one reversible USB 3.1 Type-C connector, making it extremely easy to transfer content between storage and new-generation PC, Mac computers at tremendous speeds up to 10Gbps. In addition to the backward compatibility with U3.0/2.0, NA460C also performs remarkably once connected to any Thunderbolt 3 computer. Moreover, the storage works instantly with laptop and PC/Mac with no driver required for immediate availability and purely supports dual SATA 6G drives through its native SATA III RAID chipset.

For detailed information about NA460C, please visit the product webpage at:

About Netstor
Netstor Technology focuses on the development of products on external SAS/SATA data storage and aims to provide users with reliable, cost-effective and high-performance SAS/SATA data backup solutions. Netstor develops complete storage product lines from desktop tower to 5U 48-bay rackmount disk array enclosures. Netstor has a worldwide distribution network covering IT, audio/video, telecom, DVR, CCTV, digital content creation, and educational, scientific industries. For more information about Netstor, please visit:


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