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Last Updated: November 11, 2016 1:16 am GMT
(November 11, 2016) Director of Photography Paul Cameron joins us to discuss his work on the HBO series Westworld and how he masterfully blends a western with science fiction. Paul Cameron is the visionary director of photography for countless feature films, television shows and commercials and he’s here on the Go Creative Show to discuss his work on the HBO series Westworld. Paul and host, Ben Consoli, discuss all his lighting and lensing techniques, working with Jonathan Nolan, shooting on film, not relying on visual effects, and how Paul masterfully combined a western with science fiction.

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In this episode, Paul Cameron discusses:
  • Working with Jonathan Nolan
  • The benefits of shooting for a writer/director
  • Shooting on film
  • Not relying on visual effects
  • How to make science fiction more relatable
  • Lighting and lensing choices
  • How to shoot repetition in different ways
  • Shooting the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean film
  • How does big-budget TV compare to feature film
  • and much much more!


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