Join GCI's November/December Level 1 and Level 2 Sessions With Special Guest Teachers Dean Cundey, ASC and Robert Legato, ASC


Learn from ASC Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Dean Cundey, ASC Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Halloween, Apollo 13, and Two-Time Oscar Winner for Visual Effects Robert Legato, ASC The Jungle Book, Hugo, Titanic, Apollo 13.

Last Updated: October 21, 2016 3:48 pm GMT
(Hollywood, CA--October 21, 2016) The Global Cinematography Institute™ is not a passive, traditional 'sit and watch' seminar type class! In the November/December Level 1 and Level 2 Sessions, you can learn from ASC Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Dean Cundey, ASC Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Halloween, Apollo 13, and more -- along with Two-Time Oscar Winner for Visual Effects, Robert Legato, ASC The Jungle Book, Hugo, Titanic, Apollo 13, among others.

With our unique trademarked "Expanded Cinematography"® Program, students receive an intensive 2 weeks of interactive, immersive learning with hands-on classes and visual assignments and access to unique information in 14 different subject matters. Read more here.

More than 50 world-renowned Industry experts in various fields of traditional and "Expanded Cinematography"® teach at GCI, including Oscar®, Bafta, César, as well as many other cinematography award winners and nominees. ASC, BSC, ACS, AFC, AIC, ABC, and IMAGO members have shared and continue to share their passion, skill, talent and experience with Global Cinematography Institute™ students since 2011.

Hands-On Lighting And Camera Classes Part of Every Level 1 and Level 2 Session - Apply Online Today!

Expand Your Horizons With "Expanded Cinematography"®!
Join the open-minded and modern cinematography program at the Global Cinematography Institute™, founded by Vilmos and Yuri in Hollywood for the sake of honoring and preserving cinematography's rich history as well as elevating the Cinematographer's Profession today and into the future.

Only a Few Times a Year, Students Can Take Level 1 & 2 Back to-Back

Upcoming Two Sessions Together in Nov/Dec 2016!

Nov. / Dec. Level 1 Session
Now Accepting Applications :

Important Deadlines for NOV. - DEC. Session Level 1 (followed by Level 2):
  • 20% Early Bird Application Deadline: 10/21/16
  • Student Grant Applications Due: 11/4/16
  • 10% Early Bird Application Deadline: 11/11/16
  • Classes Begin! 11/27/16
Click here to learn more about our Student Grants program. Ready to submit an application? List of Application Materials can be found here.

What is the Global Cinematography Institute?
The Global Cinematography Institute (GCI) is devoted to education of cinematographers and their extension into the digital and virtual realms. GCI is a school designed to teach new techniques and technology that are becoming commonplace as the profession evolves. Our focus is on providing background in traditional cinematography subjects, such as "Feature Film Cinematography" and "Technology of Lighting", as well as instruction in emerging fields such as "Virtual Cinematography", "Cinematography for VFX", "Previsualization" and more. This union of traditional and "new" areas of cinematography, results in an education in Expanded Cinematography®. As cinematography and camera departments continue to evolve, our aim to keep our students at the cutting edge and provide them with a rare and highly marketable skill -- knowledge! The goal of our courses are to take students to the next level and put them in position for meaningful careers in cinematography.

Global Cinematography Institute Co-Founders: Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC and Yuri Neyman, ASC


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