Emmy® recognition for Aussie software revolutionising international film and TV production


Group It For Me! developers have been recognised for their world-first software that shaves hours off film and television production.

Last Updated: November 8, 2016 3:48 am GMT
(Sydney, Australia--November 8, 2016) Australia-based duo Shruti Patel and Jason “JJ” Jamieson are the recipients of a prestigious Engineering Emmy Award that is bestowed by America’s National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. The Award is for engineering developments that have a revolutionary impact on the transmission, recording or reception of television. Ms Patel said the software delivers massive time and cost savings to major production companies around the globe. “Group It For Me! automates the grouping and multigrouping processes in the post production workflow,” Ms Patel said.

Jason “JJ” Jamieson and Shruti Patel

“These processes are an integral part of post-production and previously took Assistant Editors hours of monotonous keystroking to complete. Because of the volume of work involved in grouping there was the potential for human error. Group It For Me! eliminates the possibility for mistakes and speeds up the editing process exponentially because a task that could take days is now completed in seconds. It is a game changer for those producing film and television projects using multi-camera setups, and we are delighted to receive recognition through an Engineering Emmy,” Ms Patel said. "It is entirely feasible that people won’t have to learn how to manually group anymore thanks to our software.”

JJ said he knows first-hand how tedious the grouping and multi-grouping is having worked as an Assistant Editor in Hollywood, South America, Europe and Australia.

“This software is all about making life easier and freeing up precious time in a deadline-driven environment,” he said. “I’ve worked on everything from documentaries to feature-length films, television dramas and reality TV. There is not one instance in which you couldn’t use Group It For Me! to speed up post-production.”

JJ said feedback had been overwhelming positive with subscribers describing Group It For Me! as magic, a revelation, and one hundred times easier.

Producers, Editors and Assistant Editors can learn more, view the software in action, and hear how it is revolutionising workflows for the likes of Warner Bros. and MAX Post Entertainment at www.groupitforme.com.


About Group It For Me!
Group It For Me! was launched by Shruti Patel and Jason “JJ” Jamieson in (Australian) Spring 2015. This software is an international first and used by television and film production companies around the world, including the likes of Warner Bros. (NZ), Fremantle Media, Shed Media and Channel 7 to name a few. Industry uptake is gaining momentum with almost 500 users now realising the cost and times savings from the automation of the grouping and multigrouping processes.

Explanation of grouping and multi-grouping process
Grouping and multigrouping is the process of organising different video and audio ready for post-production. Before Group It For Me! Editors would manually group them so it could be played concurrently for editing. This meant hours of tedious and repetitive work performed under tight deadlines. Users export their file to process it in the Group It For Me! platform and in mere seconds their file is grouped and ready for import back into Avid for editing. The software is available on a ‘Group as you Go’ or a subscription model, making it scalable for projects of all sizes.

About the Founders

Jason “JJ” Jamieson, Group It For Me! Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer
JJ is passionate about software development and holds a Bachelor of Software Engineering as well as post-graduate qualifications from the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS). His experience includes the role of Assistant Editor in Hollywood, South America, Europe and Australia on projects ranging from documentaries to feature-length dramas, from TV drama to reality TV. JJ has also worked as a developer on an online term deposit platform, Australian Money Market, as well as various content management systems including ciSUITE and Wordpress. JJ’s achievements also include building a social network for fitness industry professionals called MYcardioclub. A proud member of both the Australian Screen Editors and the American Cinema Editors, JJ’s exposure to post-production workflows from all over the world, coupled with his background as a Software Engineer, gave him the unique skill set required to develop Group It For Me! for the Film and Television industry.

Shruti Patel, Group It For Me! Co-Founder and Client Services Director
Ms Patel holds a Bachelor of Communication (Film and Television) from Penn State University. Her career began in New York, where she worked at a media representation firm before travelling to Sydney. Once in Australia she took a role in a video dubbing house, and it was here her love of technology was born. She then moved into an advertising technology company where she coupled her user experience and system knowledge with account management. This broad-ranging experience was put to good use as a small business owner, giving her the opportunity to also tap into her natural sales and marketing talent. As Client Services Director for Group It For Me!, Ms Patel is focused on ensuring the platform is easy to use, engaging and innovative. She is also a strong advocate for customer-focused service, prioritising the needs of the software’s subscribers in the name of continuous improvement of editing workflows.


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