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New preview clips from Sherman Grinberg, a preeminent global source for rare archival footage, now available for screening on

Last Updated: December 1, 2016 2:05 pm GMT
(New York, NY--December 1, 2016), the stock, archival and news footage search engine, announced today that preview clips from the Sherman Grinberg Film Library are available for viewing through The Sherman Grinberg Film Library, located in Los Angeles, California, is among the world's oldest and biggest privately held film archives with over 40 moving image libraries. The archive has over 20 million feet of classic 35mm black and white film with content dating mostly from 1895 to 1957, when the television era began.

"Sherman Grinberg is one of the world's most revered and historically significant film archives, and their collection greatly enhances the scope and quality of our archival footage offering," said David Seevers, CMO. "Sherman Grinberg has done an amazing job restoring the film and digitizing it to 4K, and we're very excited to help them directly market to their end users, the global community of footage users."

The Sherman Grinberg collection includes the historic Paramount Newsreels, first called Eyes of the World (silent era) and later Eyes and Ears of the World (the "talkies"). The collection also includes the entire American Pathe' newsreel library, which is America's oldest footage collection (1895-1956), the Industry on Parade series, Allied Artist Scenic stock footage, and over 3,000 mid-century television and movie theater and television commercials. Genres include celebrities, royalty, entertainment (including the Oscars), sports (including the Olympics, boxing, horseracing, baseball, college and pro football, golf, tennis, etc.), World Wars 1 and 2, politics, fashion, science and inventions, natural disasters, culture and daily life.

Sherman Grinberg has undertaken a major renovation of its archival collections, working to upgrade its metadata and digitize much of the collection to 4K on an ongoing basis. Special orders from its analog holdings can be digitized in-house within 24 hours and delivered electronically. Through new technology Grinberg can also create incredible historic still photographs from the moving images.

"We are making the famous Sherman Grinberg archive available to production professionals worldwide and instantaneously," said Karen Clark, president of Sherman Grinberg. She added, "We are thrilled to partner with to directly reach our customers. We are digitizing millions of feet of film, and adding it to daily, but if we haven't yet digitized any particular film clip a customer might need, we can research, locate, digitize and deliver it customers within 24 hours."

Sherman Grinberg Chief Archivist Bill Brewington has been with the library for over 40 years and is available for consultation. works with a wide variety of stock footage companies to enhance their visibility across the global production community. Sherman Grinberg clips will be available for screening through alongside motion content from other leading footage companies.

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About Sherman Grinberg
The Sherman Grinberg Film Library, located in Los Angeles, CA, is the world's oldest and largest privately held film archive, with over 40 moving image libraries. The library has over 20 million feet of film with content that ranges from 1895 to 1957. The collection includes the famous Paramount newsreels "Eyes of the World" (1927 - 1929 the silent newsreels) and "Eyes and Ears of the World" newsreels (1930 -1957 the "talkies"). The Grinberg collection includes the entire American Pathe' newsreel library which is the oldest American newsreel collection starting in 1895 to 1956.


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