Nomad Factory Releases "Garbage LSD" (Lethal Sound Designer)


Garbage LSD, a damaging audio transformer plug-in that can mess-up any politically correct audio signal!

Last Updated: December 8, 2016 4:37 pm GMT
(December 8, 2016) Nomad Factory plug-ins, developed by Plugivery, today proudly announce the release of their new product... GARBAGE LSD, a damaging audio transformer plug-in that can mess-up any politically correct audio signal. GARBAGE LSD is a mind bending audio transformation plug-in with user adjustable signal chain and dual modulation matrix. It provides a series of lethal modules to manipulate, distort, destroy and transform your sounds with radioactive modulation, junk EQs, warping convolutions and scummy filtering to name a few.

Using the various components of GARBAGE LSD enables one to create whacky new sounds to spice up mixes or create "innovative" textures never thought possible.

This audio destructor Plug-in can also trash any innocent audio signal path converting it to a highly hallucinogenic sensorial experience. Great for inspired Post-Production, DJs and Sound Designers alike. Parental guidance advised... Features :
  • Filters (6 unique filter types)
  • Distortion (3 distortion modes with colour adjustment)
  • Lo-Fi (bit depth, sample rate and noise control)
  • Ring Modulation (standard and amplitude modulation circuits)
  • Convolution Reverb (Impulse Response loader)
  • EQ (spectral loss EQ, reminiscent of transistor radios)
  • Compression (Analog Studio Rack comp, simplified with fixed? controls)
  • Modulation Matrix (two modulators; modulate all parameters? with LFO, Envelope follower and side chain feed, and modulate? each other parameters: mod 1 and mod 2)

GARBAGE LSD Product Page :

GARBAGE LSD is available at reputable pro audio dealers worldwide, suggested list price $129.

Throughout December, GARBAGE LSD will be sold at the introductory price of ONLY $49 (MSRP $129).


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