Dezignwall sets its sights on disrupting the printed commercial product catalog industry


Dezignwall paints a big bulls-eye on print marketing collateral with its latest feature announcement, Multiple Digital Catalogs.

Last Updated: December 13, 2016 1:20 pm GMT
(Irvine, CA--December 13, 2016) Dezignwall, Inc., a Pinterest-like platform for discovering and sourcing commercial products and design solutions, made a big move towards providing commercial product marketers a digital alternative to costly print marketing collateral, with their latest feature announcement "Multiple Digital Catalogs".

CEO and founder, Joseph Haecker said, "Residential designers and customers have resources like Houzz and Pinterest. Yet, designers for restaurants, retail, hotels and entertainment are still ripping pages out of catalogs in order to design multi-million and billion dollar projects, globally. Dezignwall provides a free online platform for connecting the global commercial design industry."

Dezignwall offers a free to join professional network, exclusively for commercial manufacturers, suppliers, designers, product specifiers and business owners. Design professionals are able to search photos of products and projects, posted by manufacturers, suppliers and other commercial designers. Images are organized into Digital Catalogs, which can be shared with colleagues and clients using Dezignwall's Virtual Mood Boards and Digital Business Cards.

With the launch of their new feature, Dezignwall makes it easier for manufacturers, suppliers and designers to create and organize their products and product lines into unique Digital Catalogs. This not only provides an economic and eco-friendly alternative to costly print collateral, but it provides a platform that serves as a hub for maintaining and sharing current product updates and information across marketing channels.

About Dezignwall, Inc.
Since launching in January 2016, Dezignwall has amassed over 116,000 subscribers, established a social network of more than 16-million and is scheduled to greatly increase its content within the first quarter on 2017 through a beta program and partnerships with large brand manufacturers. Already establishing itself as a leader in the social market network space, Dezignwall seeks to disrupt several industries in order to provide the commercial design industry a global platform that truly serves their needs.

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