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New preview clips and still images from HOsiHO, a new aerial stock footage agency covering France from the air, are now available for screening on

Last Updated: January 9, 2017 11:19 am GMT
(New York, NY--January 9, 2017), the stock, archival and news footage search engine, announced today that preview clips and still images from aerial footage specialist HOsiHO are available for viewing through's stock footage search and screening platform.

Launched in Marseille in February 2014 by professionals in audiovisual and piloting, HOsiHO is dedicated to shooting and representing the best aerial footage of France. The HOsiHO collection includes over 3,000 videos and stills shot by a pool of more than 40 professional contributors from across the country, capturing the outstanding natural and architectural sites of France, shot at every season, with creativity and innovation.

"HOsiHO is an exciting new addition to the footage industry, and we are very pleased to have them on the platform," said David Seevers, CMO. "HOsiHO has done a remarkable job in assembling this niche collection of unique aerial images, and we're looking forward to helping them bring their images to our global community of footage users."

While HOsiHO's aerial images and videos are produced using a variety of aircraft that are fully empowered to operate in France, including drones, microlights, helicopters, aircraft, paramotors and hot air balloon, most of the footage is captured by drones, which opens nearly unlimited creative possibilities when used by experienced pilots, cameraman and photographers.

"We've spent the last several years curating our collection of aerial footage and stills, and expanding our network of world-class aerial shooters," said Sami Sarkis, president of HOsiHO. "This is a truly fresh take on the unique landscapes and landmarks of France, and we're thrilled to partner with to bring these images to creatives around the world."

Because the HOsiHO collection is at the very beginning, the agency is also offering a Shoot-on-Demand Service, providing clients in need of footage or photographs not currently in the HOsiHO collection an innovative model for obtaining custom images.

"With our Shoot-On-Demand service, if the customer cannot find the image in our collection, they can ask us to use our network of professionals to shoot the video or photography for them," said Sarkis. "The principle is simple: if we consider that the image is capable of generating multiple sales, and will be profitable, then we send the request to the author in the nearest available place in France. If he wants to make the images, at his own cost, we provide them quickly to clients to secure and finalize the sale."

HOsiHO's website is currently available in both English and French. Their royalty-free pricing is based on the size of the clip: US$259.00 in 4K; US$165.00 in HD; US$61.00 in SD; US$19.00 in low-res (web). They also provide a free research service. works with a wide variety of stock footage companies to enhance their visibility across the global production community. HOsiHO clips will be available for screening through alongside motion content from other leading footage companies.

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About HOsiHO
The HOsiHO collection of aerial stock footage was launched in 2014 by Sami Sarkis. HOsiHO now represents a group of 40 talented professional producers, based at the four corners of France. The HOsiHO collection is open to any image or video partner wishing to market their existing stock collection. HOsiHO's goal is to federate the best aerial operators and supply national and international customers with the most beautiful aerial images depicting the outstanding natural and architectural sites of France. Partners must produce their own aerial images and videos using any aircraft whatsoever that is duly empowered to operate in France, e.g. drone, microlight, helicopter, airplane, paramotor, hot air balloon, etc. HOsiHO is an energetic, fast-growing agency and constantly in need of new images, especially videos taken by drone carried out in France (including French Overseas Territories).


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