Virtual and Augmented Reality at the ISE Booth of Ventuz Technology


Last Updated: January 10, 2017 2:15 pm GMT
(Munich, Germany--January 10, 2017) With the recently introduced integration of VR technology into the Ventuz pipeline, the software developer plans to turn their stand at ISE into a Virtual and Augmented Reality hub. They will be assisted by agency Realtime Department, who is renowned for their innovative approach to new devices and technologies. As long-time users of the Ventuz software suite, Realtime Department have profited from the openness of the software by utilizing a multitude of hardware solutions, many of which are in-house developments. With their unique installations, they have been able to service many large companies, among them VW, Wabco, Grass and many more.

“Although we consider VR to be an interesting technology, we see many limitations, especially in highly crowded areas such as showrooms and exhibition floors”, said Torsten Hauck, CEO of Realtime Department. “You can only entertain one person at a time, and some people are known to become dizzy when wearing the headsets – these are just two common issues. We try to utilize the advantages auf Virtual and Augmented Reality in a wider sense and make then easily available through the technology we use.”

This goal in mind, Realtime Department will install a mixture of setups in the booth of Ventuz Technology, that are all based on the 3D real-time software suite and combine physical and virtual displays in an informative manner. The installation includes a transparent Ghost T-OLED display. Another featured technology is their custom Shift-Display solution, a touch-screen on a movable rail. Sensors on the device communicate with the Ventuz content and adjust it according to the screen’s position and movement. Realtime Department will also install a camera with tracking technology by Trackmen – the corresponding content will be displayed on a large screen above the installation.

All these applications will operate using the Ventuz software suite and its extensive VR and data I/O capabilities. The easy integration of external data streams and the ability to make content react to multiple inputs in real-time render it the perfect fit for the use alongside custom sensors and interactive devices. In fact, a very similar setup to the one planned for ISE was recently employed for client Volkswagen to describe engine technology – an area which, due to its under-the-hood-nature, is prone for digital imagery and 3D visualization.

Additionally, Ventuz Technology will host a full Virtual Reality installation using the HTC Vive technology, as well as their renowned video wall and multi-touch capabilities. The installations can be seen on the booth of Ventuz Technology at ISE 2016, hall 8, booth number 8.K325.

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About Ventuz
Ventuz Technology AG, located in Munich, Germany, is developer of 3D real-time technologies for presentations, events and broadcast graphics. Their main goal is the creation of solutions that combine state-of-the-art technologies with high class design and thus surpass the visual expectations of any audience. A central focus lies on interactive applications. Among the brands that have used Ventuz for their events and presentations are Microsoft, Porsche, Bosch, Adidas and many more. Furthermore, several TV-stations and production companies worldwide are utilizing the broadcast-version of Ventuz, such as Fox Sports. Some of the best known productions which have been produced with Ventuz are ”Who wants to be a millionaire?”, ”Million Pound Drop” and “Big Brother”.


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