RE:Vision Effects Announces New Installers and Bug Fixes for Mac Users


View Real World Use in VFX - Interview with Tom Polson of 3DPaint/FX

Last Updated: January 10, 2017 5:53 pm GMT
(San Francisco, CA--January 10, 2017) RE:Vision Effects, acclaimed effects plug-in industry leader and makers of Academy Award winning software, announces new and improved installers, bug fixes for Mac OS users and an interview with Tom Polson of 3DPaint/FX describing how he uses RE:Match and RE:Flex in his VR workflow.

Real World Use in VFX - Interview with Tom Polson of 3DPaint/FX
3DPaint/FX has a long history in the VFX post area. Adapting their tools and techniques to stereo post production has helped launch their successful business finishing panoramic stereo and non-stereo VR Projects. In this interview Tom discusses markets and uses of VR content, VR post production processes and asset management, and the importance of RE:Vision Effects' products, including RE:Flex and RE:Match, in 3DPaint's VR workflow.

New Installers!
We've been busy updating our installers over the last few months, and we have added some new features to the installation process itself.
  • Now there is no need to manually visit our website for each product to see if there's an update! The update program works for versions of our installers made since October 5, 2016. After installing the most current version of any of our products, you'll see a program called REVisionCheckUpdates that you can run to check which products need updating. Locations are as follows:
    • Macintosh: /Applications/REVisionEffects
    • Windows: C:/Program Files/REVisionEffects
    • Linux: /usr/local/revision
  • We now have all-in-one Effections installers for our latest versions. No more installing each product individually!
  • Our installers can be run in silent-mode. This is useful for installing on a network of machines. Read more!

Bug Fixes for Mac users
All our GPU-accelerated plug-ins needed updating to fix a bug introduced on Macintosh under MacOS 10.12 (Sierra). This bug most often affects laptop users, but we recommend all users upgrading to the latest versions if they are running MacOS 10.12

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About RE:Vision Effects:
RE:Vision Effects is software development company focused on providing innovative software to create, modify, control, and enhance digital video imagery at the highest quality. Their products have a broad range of applications and are currently used in every phase of television, motion picture, internet and visual effects industries. The company supplies its cutting edge software through partnerships and direct sales for a large segment of customers ranging from at-home editors, wedding and other live event videographers, industrial video providers to those creating high-end effects for commercials, broadcast TV and big-budget films. The founders received a 2006 Academy Award for Technical Achievement for the design and development of this affordable, user-friendly RE:Vision family of software products.

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