Plugivery and IRCAM at NAMM '17


IRCAM at NAMM Winter Show and Release of The Snail - PC Version

Last Updated: January 18, 2017 8:49 pm GMT
(Montreal--January 18, 2017) Plugivery has the pleasure of announcing that their partner IRCAM will be exhibiting the their audio software tools, at Plugivery’s booth #7000 during the January 2017 NAMM show. Come see everything from their IRCAM Lab collection to their UVI IRCAM Sound Librairie. They will be showcasing the long awaited PC version of The Snail plug-in. This promises to be an interesting event.. don’t miss it!

About IRCAM :
IRCAM, the Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music is one of the world’s largest public research centers dedicated to musical creation and scientific research. A unique venue where artistic vision converges with scientific and technological innovation, the institute directed by Frank Madlener brings together over 160 collaborators. IRCAM hosts the UMR9912 STMS Ircam-CNRS-UPMC science and technologies research lab.

Their Products : IRCAM Lab
Developed at IRCAM, the collection Ircam Lab offers two products which includes The Snail, a revolutionary tool for visualizing the audio signal and T.S. that lets users transpose or stretch an audio signal with an unequaled quality. These high quality modules are designed for simplified use and are used extensively in the sound and video industry, in education facilities, and professional and home recording studios.

Format Mac/PC and Standalone: AU et VST 32 et 64 bit (only The Snail).

List of plugins: The Snail and T.S.

IRCAM Tools by FLUX::
Developed in collaboration with the company FLUX::, the IRCAM Tools collection is intended for audio professionals. Ircam Tools offers high quality audio processing modules for professional musical and audiovisual production. A collection of 7 plugins that include technologies from IRCAM’s R&D department like SuperVP Trax, Hear, Verb, and the Spat (tool for 3D spatialization).

Format Mac/PC: AU 32 & 64 bit; VST 32 & 64 bit; AAX Native/AudioSuite 32 & 64 bit.

List of plugins: Spat, Verb, Hear, Verb Session, Trax includes Cross Synthesis and Source Filter.

Developed for the Ableton Live platform, the two Ircamax collections both include 8-10 plugins and make it possible for the world of electronic music to discover the latest innovations from IRCAM.

Format Mac/PC: AU and VST 32; 64 bit Max for Live.

Plugins in the Collection 1: 9 Max Devices, 3 Live Clips, 34 Presets, 1 Live Set.

Plugins in the Collection 2: 12 Max Devices, 75 Presets, 4 Live Sets

IRCAM Sound Librairie by UVI
Developed in collaboration with the company UVI, the collection includes two products: Ircam Solo instruments and Ircam Prepared Piano. This collection provides a sound bank that includes contemporary playing styles of orchestral instruments and a prepared piano.

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