Wrike Announces Video Proofing to Improve Collaboration on Video Assets


Explosion of Online Video marketing leaves teams in need of better organization

Last Updated: February 23, 2017 8:39 pm GMT
(San Jose, CA--February 23, 2017) Wrike, the work management software for high performance teams, today announced the release of a new set of tools that allow video producers, editors and business users to share feedback and collaborate on the development of video assets. With Proofing and Approval for video, Wrike introduces new value to its Wrike for Marketers platform, which supports high-volume digital teams through the entire creative and marketing workflow.

Online video represents a third of internet traffic and brands are rushing to capitalize on the value of video marketing. Industries like real-estate, fashion, automotive, and tourism have been transformed by social video, and marketers require efficiency and speed to create the volume of content required to stand out. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 11% increase in video production jobs over the next seven years, reinforcing the importance of online video for brands and the investment companies are making in growing their teams.

One common problem for video editors is in the collection of feedback from all stakeholders on a video. Receiving feedback through disorganized channels creates confusion for editors, but failing to collect feedback may result in mistakes or details missing from the final cut. Since video editing is a multi-faceted role that can include the creation of motion graphics, sound design, color correction, effects, and shot selection, clear and ordered feedback has enormous potential to make editors jobs easier as they iterate.

Wrike’s new release includes a plug in for Adobe Premiere, which will deliver briefs, comments and updates directly to their editing environment, which will help them stay connected with their team, even in the middle of lengthy editing sessions.

“Video editing is one of the most meticulous and highly-skilled roles in any marketing organization, but editors are often isolated from the rest of their teams by edit-suite walls, headphones, or the late nights they sometimes work,” says Wrike CEO Andrew Filev. “Our goal is to give editors a digital workspace to share with their counterparts, so they can easily make sense of change requests and have discussions about assets in an organized way. In doing so, they can finish projects faster, with fewer surprise requests after they think they’re done.”

Wrike’s Video Proofing add on is currently available for customers of Wrike’s Wrike for Marketers platform. Trial periods are available for businesses that are new to Wrike.

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