Samuel + Gunnar Dance Through Life in Reverse For TM Insurance


Last Updated: March 3, 2017 5:39 pm GMT
(March 3, 2017) Directorial duo Samuel + Gunnar, represented by Humble in the U.S., recently teamed up with Icelandic agency Dodlur in a new spot for TM Insurance. In the wistful :90 second film we follow a couple in reverse chronology throughout their life. The spot opens with a futuristic, intimate moment. We see the couple dancing - the man’s figure projected in three dimensions embracing his partner. With each of the multiple scenes the pair dances further into the present until we find them as children, a little boy peeking through a window at a little girl practicing ballet.

“The concept was well-developed from the beginning with an incredibly intricate script and a beautifully layered storyline,” said Samuel + Gunnar. “At the same time, each of the almost 20 different scenarios presented an exciting and unique obstacle creatively and technically.”

Samuel + Gunnar shot the spot in their native Iceland, collaborating with the agency and crew every step of the way pulling references for light, texture, makeup, wardrobe. The duo had recently shot a hard-hitting spot with the agency for UN Women and they had developed a seamless workflow. The directors noted, “Thanks to careful and collaborative preparation, we were armed with everything we needed when it came time to shoot.”

Samuel + Gunnar are repped by Humble in the U.S.

  • Agency - Döðlur Creatives - Daníel Freyr Atlason Head of Production - Daníel Freyr Atlason Producer - Benedikt Hauksson
  • Production Company - Skot Productions Executive Producer - Hlynur Sigurðsson Producer - Andri Ómarsson
  • Post Production - Trickshot Creative Director - Daníel Freyr Atlason Executive Producer - Benedikt Hauksson Editor - Gunnar Páll Ólafsson Post Producer - Bjarki Guðjónsson


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