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Experience the Adventure with the Salto's New Film

Last Updated: March 6, 2017 2:09 pm GMT
(March 6, 2017) The Salto Brothers just released their new director’s cut Ford Ranger spot, and it was worth the wait! This ambitious, beautifully shot ad was filmed over nine days in the forests of Thailand and is guaranteed to make you pack your bags and run off to the nearest car dealer in search of adventure. And just in case you had any doubts about the durability of the car, they drove it straight into a river on-screen for us! (We’re promised they didn’t lose any downstream.)

Shot during the Monsoon season the film was a product of blood sweat and tears, quite literally. After searching high and low for a river with enough water in it (yes, global warming is real) they then had to battle several hours of torrential rain per day, water levels that were too high and a broken camera. Fun fact: the bridge was built entirely for the shoot and then the wood donated to the local community! What lovely guys.

FORD FX4 DIRCUT 2K from Salto Brothers on Vimeo.

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JSA represents The Salto Brothers in all markets except the USA and France
*Directors: The Salto Brothers*
*Representation: JSA*
*Produced by: Gravity Films*
*DOP: Matthias Königswieser*
*EP: Mel Lim*
*Producer: Foong Yan Fung*


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