Vimond Launches the Live Channel Planner at NAB 2017


A new solution for managing hundreds of live channels with ease and efficiency

Last Updated: March 20, 2017 9:25 am GMT
(Bergen, Norway--March 20, 2017) Vimond Media Solutions is launching its new product, Live Channel Planner, at NAB 2017. Live Channel Planner has been developed in close cooperation with several of Vimond’s customers, and makes it easy to schedule and monitor a large number of live channels. It covers both linear live setup, and event-based live programs (e.g. sports), improving efficiency and reducing the potential for errors.

This tool addresses and solves the need of broadcasters and content owners to plan and schedule live channels, making it possible to manage hundreds of them with ease. Operating and monitoring just a handful of live channels can be challenging. Considering that the broadcasters and content owners are constantly expanding their offering in this direction, when the number of live channels increases to a hundred, or more, the task becomes almost impossible.

“Managing multiple broadcast channels concurrently, whether they are 24/7 channels or event based channels, is traditionally a daunting task for broadcasters. With our innovative new timeline display, we solve this problem for good” - Glenn Pedersen, CTO Vimond Media Solutions.

Live Channel Planner is a one stop shop for channel planning and monitoring, as it combines the broadcasters' channels and electronic program guide (EPG) data in an efficient view. The interface makes it easy to define the live channels and set up the relevant encoder sources, including backup sources, making it easy to switch sources if the need arises.

This solution integrates with Vimond’s Orchestrator API, which in turn connects to several upstream video encoding technologies, like Amazon/Elemental Delta and Azure Media Services.

The operators can monitor the inbound live feeds on a streamlined timeline, including video and audio monitoring. They will have a better overview of what’s going on across the channels, as the channel timeline view lets them work with multiple channels at the same time.

Editors can use imported EPGs (Electronic Program Guides) as a basis for program creation, complete with content ingestion and scheduling. Using the EPG data for the creation of programs, reduces the risk for errors, and minimizes the double work needed.

“Not only does our solution provide stress relief for the live producers, transitioning programs from a live state to on-demand is easier than ever as well.” - Glenn Pedersen, CTO Vimond Media Solutions.

Further information on Vimond Media Solutions and its products is available at Visit Vimond at NAB 2017, booth SU10105CM.

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