Vimond Media Solutions Makes Curating Enjoyable by Launching its New Content Curator


Last Updated: April 3, 2017 4:01 am GMT
(Bergen, Norway--April 3, 2017) NAB 2017 is marking the launch of Vimond’s new tool: Content Curator, a user-friendly solution with an impressive interface, created and developed considering the needs and use-cases of editorial professionals. Content Curator lets service managers and editors easily curate the online videos that they want to feature in an end-user portal. They can easily organise content in their carousels, menus and featured lists. The new layout is based on the workflows and pain points identified during usability research and user observation studies with real editorial teams.

More than a user-friendly interface, the product also includes advanced search options that make lists easy to create and straightforward to manage. Users can bookmark their favorite playlists to make regular adjustments even easier. Vimond’s usability research - based on hundreds of hours of observation - focused on the workflows of the editorial staff who work with content presentation for end-user video and news portals. Vimond saw that editors perform many tasks, and that much time is wasted switching between tools. They often use a selection of standalone tools tied together by the editors themselves. This results in a lot of time spent performing routine technical chores, rather than the more skilled and creative elements of the job. In Content Curator, all of the relevant tools are provided in one interface, integrating everything into a common view, where editors can edit video files, enrich metadata, and present content on the portal site. This reduces context switching and lets editors focus on the creative parts of job, at which they are best.

“Editorial content curation is a key part of most of our customers’ end-user products, so having a modern and user-friendly curation product is paramount to us as a software provider. Based on best practices in user interface design, Content Curator will make the editors’ workflow easier, more efficient and more enjoyable than it is today.” - Glenn Pedersen, CTO Vimond Media Solutions.

Further information on Vimond Media Solutions and its products is available at Visit Vimond at NAB 2017, booth SU10105CM.

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