Marquis' Worx4 X Deemed Must Have App for FCP X Editors  


Last Updated: April 5, 2017 10:21 am GMT
(April 5, 2017) Marquis Broadcast, developer of advanced workflow productivity tools for the broadcast and media industry, has announced its brand-new app Worx4 X, which consolidates Apple Final Cut Pro X projects, has been well-received with beta testers. Worx4 X radically reduces project size, without quality loss or using compression and will be officially launched at NAB 2017 on booth SL9030.

“Worx4 X is aimed at producers with high shooting ratios,” confirms Chris Steele, managing director, Marquis Broadcast. “With the trend to ‘leave the camera running’ particularly when filming sports or reality TV, crews can end up with vast amounts of high-res content which rapidly fills expensive edit storage. Worx4 X is an exciting development which addresses this common challenge by potentially reducing the size of projects by more than 90%.

“The reduction in project size is achieved by taking the media used in an Apple FCP X project and copying it to a new location while trimming with handles,” explains Steele. “It is a simple yet effective app which now makes sharing, delivering and archiving fully editable FCP X projects faster, easier and more reliable than ever before and we are delighted to be showing it at NAB 2017 for the first time.”

Jeff Kirkland, freelance producer, editor and cinematographer comments: “FCP X has long needed a simple way to consolidate and trim projects and Worx4 X is it. It's rapidly become an essential part of my workflow and I think it's a must have app for every Final Cut editor.”

Sergey Kasparov, indie filmmaker based in Moscow, Russia comments: “Any FCPX user absolutely must have this tool. When sharing my projects with colleagues without Worx4 X I was forced to consolidate all my media used in a project and needed an HDD to send them. Now with Worx4 X, I can have media which is shorter and as a result, 10 times smaller and can upload it to any file hosting service.”

Chris Steele concludes: “Technical know-how is our business and our many years of industry experience is directed at helping clients overcome common workflow related issues. Our goal is to take care of the technical-trickery leaving editors to focus on the real challenges of creativity and developing compelling content for viewers across the globe.”

Marquis’ clients include the likes of the BBC, ITV, Discovery, NBC Universal, BR, ZDF, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, YLE, Warner Bros., Envy Post Production, The Farm and Scripps Networks. To find out more please see:

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