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Last Updated: April 12, 2017 2:04 pm GMT
(April 12, 2017) Marquis Broadcast, developer of advanced workflow productivity tools for the broadcast and media industry, has announced it will show its Medway Engine Web Service (MEWS) transfer engine which has been migrated into AWS for the first time at NAB 2017 on booth SL9030. MEWS now enables seamless hybrid ground and cloud workflows, while also supporting asset integration into cloud storage with PFR and EDL relinking.

“MEWS is based on Marquis’ renown Medway integration engine,” confirms Simon Fearn, product manager, Marquis Broadcast. “Until now, MEWS has been aimed specifically at OEMs to integrate with existing software to provide the seamless transfer of both media and metadata, enabling manufacturers to develop new solutions based on a whole digital production process. However, the new AWS migration now allows any system working in a managed workflow to process the same media in a cloud based or hybrid environment.

“One of the main barriers broadcasters face when it comes to adopting cloud-based workflows is the cost of downloading stored media,” continues Fearn. “MEWS reduces this cost as it allows the ‘heavy lifting’ or preparatory work to be completed in the cloud so only the media actually needed is retrieved. Practically, this Partial File Restore (PFR) functionality can mean only a ten second clip from a football game needs to be downloaded compared with the whole game.

“MEWS also has the capability to transcode HD or big file formats from the source file into another codec so editors can work on a local system using a lower resolution version,” continues Fearn. “Again, this saves on the cost of moving full resolution files.

“In this way, MEWS helps to create a unified working environment for broadcast ingest, post-production editing and transmission playout and now cloud object storage,” explains Fearn. “MEWS can transfer media at faster than real-time speeds over standard data networks to a range of broadcast and production systems, re-wrapping and transcoding into a mixture of media formats as required by the workflow.”
Fearn concludes: “Marquis has developed a simple to deploy, agile and low risk solution that allows cloud and ground workflows to be integrated together. We are looking forward to meeting existing and new customers at NAB to see how MEWS can solve their cloud based integration challenges.”

Marquis’ clients include the likes of the BBC, ITV, Discovery, NBC Universal, BR, ZDF, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, YLE, Warner Bros., Envy Post Production, The Farm and Scripps Networks. To find out more please see:

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