Bluefish444 Updates Support for CasparCG 2.1


Bluefish444 support for the popular CasparCG Server updated

Last Updated: April 18, 2017 5:01 pm GMT
(N. Melbourne, Australia--April 18, 2017) Bluefish444, manufacturer of the industry’s highest quality uncompressed 4K/2K/HD/SD SDI video I/O cards for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems, have updated support for CasparCG Server with Bluefish444 Epoch video I/O devices.

With the imminent release of CasparCG Server 2.1, Bluefish444 have worked closely with the developers of the open source software to bring important updates. Support for Bluefish444 hardware has been updated to include compatibility for all current Epoch video I/O cards, and new features have been added for CasparCG Server, including multi-card support, multiple output channels as 422 or 4224 for internal or external keying set ups, and support for the Bluefish444 low latency Hardware Keyer.

Bluefish444 supported Hardware:
  • Epoch | 2K Core, Horizon, †Ultra
  • Epoch | Neutron, 4K Neutron
  • Epoch | 4K Supernova
  • Epoch | 4K Supernova S+
  • Epoch | Supernova CG

"Bluefish444 have enjoyed working closely with the developers of CasparCG to update our support for the forthcoming CasparCG Server 2.1," said Tom Lithgow, Bluefish444 Product Manager, "We're thrilled to enable existing Bluefish444 and CasparCG customers access to the †new features within the CasparCG Server software with the latest Bluefish444 hardware."

Bluefish444 supported features within CasparCG:
  • 422 Single SDI output support
  • 4224 External Key support
  • Multi-card support
  • Multi-channel support 1 - 4 channels depending on firmware and hardware type
  • Internal Key using the Bluefish444 Hardware Keyer
  • 3G/HD/SD-SDI output
  • HDMI Output on supported hardware
  • SDI Embedded Audio
  • AES Digital Audio Output on supported hardware

Bluefish444 continue to collaborate with the developers working on CasparCG Server, and Bluefish444 support for this software will continue to be updated. The support for current Bluefish444 video hardware and features is available through the CasparCG 2.1 BETA builds, and will be included in the official release once available.

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About CasparCG:
CasparCG Server is a Windows and Linux software used to play out professional graphics, audio and video to multiple outputs as a layer-based real-time compositor. It has been in 24/7 broadcast production since 2006. For more information about CasparCG, visit

About Bluefish444:
Bluefish444 is the manufacturer of the industryís highest-quality uncompressed 4K/2K/HD/SD video cards for the Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. Its video cards are used in broadcast, feature film and post-production markets for editing, animation, compositing, color correction, restoration, digital intermediate, 3D and IPTV applications. Bluefish444 cards have been used on award-winning feature films, commercials, music videos and sports events worldwide. Bluefish444ís range of video cards are incorporated in video servers, encoders, decoders and character generator solutions by numerous 3rd party OEM manufacturers, in addition to other niche & mainstream applications. Founded in 1998, Bluefish444 is a division and brand name of Bluefish Technologies Pty Ltd., which is based in North Melbourne, Australia. Its products are distributed via an extensive sales channel of OEMs, dealers, and system integrators globally. For further information, visit

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