FilmFabriek to Exhibit Latest Archival Frame-by-Frame scanner at NAB, Las Vegas


Last Updated: April 20, 2017 11:01 am GMT
(Breda, The Netherlands--April 20, 2017) FilmFabriek presents the 2017 version of its renowned frame-by-frame scanner on its NAB Las Vegas booth, SL10730. The HDS+ film scanner is used by archives and scanning companies worldwide to replace their telecine scanner. In 2016, FilmFabriek was awarded top-10 best innovative company of the Netherlands.

FilmFabriek founder Leon Joanknecht focusing the scanner's camera.

FilmFabriek scanners have been sold all over the world for restoration of archives. Customers include The Internet Archive and Yale University in North America; Haghefilm Digitaal in Amsterdam; Switzerland’s Archive de Lausanne and Cinegrell; Filmfabrika in Moscow; Norway’s Filmtek AS, ZERO i U (Spain); Studio Multimediale (Italy) and Retro Enterprises (Japan).

At the NAB FilmFabriek will demonstrate the new model with:
  • Frictionless XL archival rollers for all formats (8 mm, 16 mm 9.5 mm Pathé) to digitize damaged, brittle or otherwise lost celluloid archives.
  • Real-time auto LED-leveling using the full dynamic range of the sensor to give lower noise, less banding and more detail in the shadow areas.
  • Motionless tension controllers.
  • 8mm magnetic sound head (16mm optical and magnetic also available).
  • Low noise external amplifier.
  • Reversal film scanning mode.

Standard features of the scanner are:
  • Wetgate module, to fill the scratches and vertical lines in the film emulsion.
  • Sprocketless transport for all film, no restriction on shrunken film.
  • PTR rollers to remove dust and dirt.
  • Modular camera setup (2k, 4k, etc).
  • Archival film gates (full film scan, including sprockets and sound track possible).
  • Zoom lens to capture each format at full resolution.

Prices start from US$25,000 for the scanner with a 2K+ camera

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FilmFabriek is a Dutch based high-tech manufacturer of filmscanners and film related products. Already more than five years ago we started as a two partnered start-up founded by Leon Joanknecht, based on the experiences of telecine and frame-by-frame scanning from the Dutch professional Daan Müller. With continuous growth, innovation and happy clients we grew to a private limited company.

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