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Last Updated: April 21, 2017 8:55 pm GMT
(Hollywood, CA--April 21, 2017) Kino Flo Lighting Systems has suped up it's Celeb LED studio line of luminaires with an advanced True Match® white light color management system and the company's user-friendly 360-degree color and RGB color control features.

A game changer when it hit the market five years ago, the Celeb LED line of studio fixtures continues to lay down markers for sustained broad spectrum daylight and tungsten that can match the color spectrum of other light sources or map onto the spectral sensitivity curves of any camera technology.

"The Celeb 250, 450 and 850 LED's with the new, upgraded electronics join the Kino Flo family of LED's with an expanded Kelvin color temperature range, and full Green/Magenta, Cinema Gel, Hue/Saturation and RGB color control features," said Frieder Hochheim, Kino Flo founder and president. "We've added layers of new features to the new, upgraded Celeb line, but we didn't add any cost."

The Celeb family of softlights range in shape and size from the compact Celeb 250 to the wide aspect Celeb 450 to the quad frame 450Q LEDs. And for the first time in North America, the Celeb 850 fixture: a 3.5K equivalent wall of light. The Celeb 850 and all Celebs come complete with a variable 2500K to 9900K correlated color temperature, full Green/Magenta correction, Cinema Gel color presets, Hue/Saturation selection, and dial-in RGB. Celebs' built-in solid state electronics can be operated remotely via wireless DMX control boards or through standard DMX connections.

Even after five years of continuous operation on feature film and television episodic production sets, every Celeb batch has remained true to their color rendering and lumen specifications. The passive-cooled fixtures do not overheat the LED's, so--no heat sink fins or whirling fans. Celeb technology achieves bright, soft light with continuous dimming from 100% to 0% on a linear or square curve without flicker at high camera speeds or at varied shutter angles. There is no light level change when shifting from 2500K to 9900K , and the color doesn't change when the light levels rise or fall.

The onboard controller's interface makes it easy to bridge the gap between what a user knows and doesn't know about operating the Celeb 850. Kino Flo's unique push-button and scrolling system makes it intuitive for users to navigate the menu of choices, including Dimming, Kelvin, Green/Magenta, Hue/Saturation, and RGB vales, plus LumenRadio® wireless DMX linking, DMX addressing, 8-bit and 16-bit dimming, Menu screen rotation, and a other important selections.

As new color control and special effects features are added to the firmware, customers can download software upgrades from a link at Kino Flo's website:

Kino Flo's unique center mount options are available on the Celeb 250, 450 and 850 Celeb fixtures; the 450Q comes in a yoke version only. All Celebs offer come with a yoke or pole operation options, plus removable barn doors, 90 degree or 60 degree focusing louvers, rigging/stacking corners, and softbox and softgrid light control accessories.

The new Celeb line joins the growing family of Kino Flo lighting products, including new this year at NAB in Las Vegas: The Freestyle LED 31 and Freestyle LED 21 full color portable systems for location and studio work, with a recently expanded chromatic palette and improved light output.

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