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Workflow Supervisor Kylee Peña Becomes President Of Major Film And TV Non-Profit

Last Updated: June 29, 2017 1:13 am GMT
(New York, NY--June 29, 2017) The Blue Collar Post Collective [5013] announced today the revision and expansion of their leadership, including the promotion of former L.A. Vice President Kylee Peña to President of the organization. Ryan Penny will serve as New York’s VP and Chris Visser will rise to Los Angeles VP.

Incoming President Kylee Peña takes the reigns from Vogel and Cabrera.

The announcement comes a year after an expansion in leadership that brought immense growth to the organization which consists entirely of full-time working professionals who volunteer their time to run its operations. In addition to regular free educational events and meetups, BCPC funded NAB trips for three low-income post professionals in 2017 through its Professional Development Accessibility Program.

Incoming President Kylee Peña added: “In the time since I’ve been directly involved with the leadership of Blue Collar Post Collective we’ve seen continued exponential growth, both in our membership and our scope. Inclusiveness and accessibility are incredibly important to people and they want to be involved with our mission. Combining that passion with a solid foundation and continually assessing our leadership structure ensures we stay strong and reactive to our evolving industry.”

The shift in leadership was prompted by the upcoming departure of Co-President Janis Vogel, who will resign after nearly three successful years at the helm of the organization. She will remain in the organization as an active member, and sit on the Board. After working for 9 years in New York’s film industry, she will be spending the remainder of 2017 in London. There, Vogel and Peña will host a BCPC meetup, marking the first extension of official on-the-ground activity for the organization outside of the US.

Outgoing Co-President Janis Vogel will remain on the Board after relocating to London.

“With expansion of our leadership, we are able to increase our effectiveness in making positive change in this industry,” added Janis Vogel. “The BCPC has been growing rapidly since its inception and I am so proud to have been a major part of that. Passing the baton to new leadership is exciting, as I know the organization will adapt, grow and prosper in the hands of talent like Kylee Peña.”

Co-President Felix Cabrera, who has served BCPC for the last year focusing on an “Intro To Post” training course in collaboration with the New York City Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment and Brooklyn Workforce Industries (BWI), will be stepping down from his role as well. Both Cabrera and Vogel will resign in August 2017.

In addition to a central committee which oversees all activities, the evolved leadership now includes executive committees in both New York and Los Angeles, where the BCPC currently has on-the-ground hubs. This provides a template and structure for expanding to other cities in the future.

Kylee Peña has been at the helm of BCPC West for the last year, recruiting a committee and building the BCPC community from the ground up in Los Angeles. Having been handpicked by Vogel and former Co-President Katie Hinsen, the Board is confident in her ability to lead. In addition to her role with BCPC, she is also an Associate Editor for Creative COW, active with SMPTE, and an outspoken advocate for gender equality and mental health in post production. By day, she is a Workflow Supervisor for Bling Digital, working on network television and feature films.

Ryan Penny takes on the role of VP for the East coast committee

Incoming East coast VP Ryan Penny is an Editor who is currently serving as Director for the newly launched Made in NY Post Production Training Program, partnering with the NYC Mayor’s Office for Media and Entertainment to train and provide job placement in the post-production industry for low income and unemployed New Yorkers.

Chris Visser takes over the West VP position this month.

Chris Visser, newly chosen West VP, is an Assistant Editor in Los Angeles currently working on season two of Shooter for USA. Eager to expand his role on the original West planning committee, he took the lead on #TipJar, a weekly led discussion on BCPC’s Facebook group on important topics in the industry. He balances mentorship, his dogs, and fiancée with his busy career.

West Coast Coordinators in Los Angeles, L-R: Ashley McKinney, Katie Toomey, and Noah Diamond-Stolzman.

The BCPC Executive Committee will consist of Peña, along with Gaby Allen as Treasurer. John Gallagher will continue to serve the committee as Director of Development, and Jose Taveras will rise up as PR Coordinator for both coasts. A co-president will be named in the coming months.

East Coast Committee and Coordinators: East Coast Committee and Coordinators in New York, L-R: Alex Prekop, Dan Rodriguez, Janis Vogel, Ryan Penny, Natasha Livia Mottola, Jose Taveras, Gaby Allen, Chelsea Taylor, Rosie Walunas.

The East Coast Committee will be led by Vice President Ryan Penny, who takes over leadership of an existing team that consists of: Chelsea Taylor, Partnership Coordinator; Natasha Livia Mottola, Event Producer; Daniel Rodriguez, Event Producer; Alex Prekop, Wellness Producer; Zerelda Rodriguez, Newsletter Coordinator; and Rosie Walunas, Graphic Designer.

West Coast Committee: West Coast Committee in Los Angeles, L-R: Matt Latham, Chris Visser, Meaghan Wilbur, Matt Christensen, alongside incoming President Kylee Peña.

The West Coast Committee is now led by Chris Visser, a member of the committee since its creation in 2016. His team consists of Matt Latham, Partnership Coordinator; Meaghan Wilbur, Mentor Coordinator; Matt Christensen, Webmaster; Noah Diamond-Stolzman, Volunteer Coordinator; Ashley McKinney, Newsletter Coordinator; and Katie Toomey, Mental Health Coordinator.

“I’m excited about what’s on the horizon for Blue Collar Post Collective. Funneling all this momentum into our mission to make all of post production more inclusive will have an explosive impact on the industry for years to come. People in our industry are ready to open their doors and help us change the face of what an expert looks like in post. They want to look outside their bubble, learn from people who don’t look like them, and mentor or hire emerging talent. We’re rising to meet that demand with action.” Kylee Peña added.

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About the Blue Collar Post Collective
The Blue Collar Post Collective is an accessible and focused grassroots non-profit organization, that supports emerging talent in post-production.

Their goal is to foster an all-inclusive community and to provide unique opportunities for their members to develop professionally. There are no prerequisites or membership fees to join the BCPC. It is a group of over 4000 post-production professionals who want to share their experiences and support each other. It appeals to those who have questions about getting started in post, people looking to advance in their careers, and professionals who want to connect with more of their peers.

The BCPC holds monthly meetups and organizes events focused on offering alternative educational and career development opportunities, with no barriers to attend. Not only are they building networks for emerging talent but they work to strengthen the ties, between the group and the wider community, through collaborative partnerships, advocacy, social events and innovative programs.


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