VideoBlocks Extends Enterprise Service, Offering Over Four Million Studio-Quality Creative Assets to Power Digital Workforce


VideoBlocks to provide contributors with the most competitive revenue sharing program within the digital stock media ecosystem

Last Updated: June 29, 2017 1:31 pm GMT
(Reston, VA--June 29, 2017) VideoBlocks, the first membership-based stock media service that empowers digital artists worldwide, announced today the launch of an extension to their Enterprise platform that will put over four million royalty-free, high-quality media assets—including the growing libraries of AudioBlocks and GraphicStock—into the hands of TV and film production studios, advertising agencies, publishers, and more. VideoBlocks Enterprise continues to evolve and to meet the overwhelming demand from creative driven companies for affordable and accessible professional stock media for commercial distribution.

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Contributors who provide VideoBlocks Enterprise with content will still see the highest revenue sharing program in the digital stock media industry. VideoBlocks Enterprise is committed to providing the best stock video to large corporations, indie publishers, and content studios while allocating the greatest return to the contributors who are helping power the greater stock media ecosystem. To date, VideoBlocks has paid out more than six million dollars to contributors while providing the highest quality content to customers.

“We believe all content creators deserve access to studio-quality stock media, and that all artists should earn a fair living for their work. The VideoBlocks Enterprise platform supports both missions by delivering our content wherever the creative process unfolds, and also offering our contributors yet another way to earn through industry-leading commissions,” said VideoBlocks CEO, TJ Leonard. “By building a set of tools specifically for our Enterprise customers, and offering bespoke licensing, we think we can adapt our model to provide better service to larger creative organizations.”

VideoBlocks CEO TJ Leonard

In culmination with the launch, VideoBlocks Enterprise now offers the VideoBlocks’ API for multimedia software platforms looking to integrate VideoBlocks’ stock video, music, and photos directly within their products. VideoBlocks is providing its API to dozens of leading technology companies including Moovly and VistaPrint Digital, enabling their end-users a streamlined creative workflow with on-demand creative assets.

One of the many new features, Enterprise customers now also have the ability to download un-watermarked high resolution comps. This enables producers to review VideoBlocks’ stock media in their projects at full-resolution before licensing the content, giving the creator more confidence in the end-product while also streamlining their workflow.

Leonard says that the company sees this as the third stage in the development of workflow for content creators. The first stage had customers coming to to both buy and sell footage. Second came an API that enabled VideoBlocks clients to make assets available to their own customers – for example, VistaPrint making VideoBlocks assets available directly within VistaPrint’s website builder. “We didn’t want to force people to come to us,” says Leonard.

“The third new workflow is for the more traditional stock media buyer, with similar sets of complaints that we heard from enterprise customers: workflows are clunky, prices are too high, and contributors felt they were getting too small a cut of the sale.

“The average small business owner has a much different set of needs than a large production media outfit. We visited many of these, like Vice Media studios in Brooklyn, where we saw hundreds and hundreds of people there doing nothing but editing video,” Leonard continues. VideoBlocks saw that it made no sense to require every individual editor to manage the rights for the footage that they might use, especially early in production, before cuts were approved.

By offering non-watermarked high-resolution clips, VideoBlocks makes it easy to “download all the footage you want, drop it into comps for approval, and let’s settle up at the end of the month. It’s a workflow built for speed, flexibility and volume,” says Leonard.

More broadly, this effort reflects a commitment that VideoBlocks has made to contributors “that we’ll always stay on the lookout for more ways to make you money,” Leonard continues, and this is the third stage in VideoBlocks’ development for them as well. First came the creation of the VideoBlocks Marketplace, where contributors keep 100% of the royalties, followed by an API to make footage available for sale in more places than ever. “The next step for us to go after the same kinds of business that agencies like Getty have been going after.”

Leonard credits VideoBlocks’ contributors -- now numbering over 30,000 -- for making this possible, through the kind of work that they’re providing, both in quality and breadth of subject matter. “When we first opened the Marketplace, we didn’t have enough content to be attractive in the same way that much larger libraries were – and now we do, even for someone looking for something as specific as farm workers in the quinoa fields in Peru.”

All of it comes from the same forces that brought VideoBlocks into business in the first place: the desire to get studio-quality footage into the hands of everyone in the industry, and for more people to be able to make a living from it.

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About VideoBlocks

VideoBlocks is a profitable, venture-backed stock media company recognized in 2014 by Inc. Magazine as the eleventh fastest growing media company in the United States. Together with its sister sitesGraphicStock andAudioBlocks, VideoBlocks empowers customers to enhance their creative projects, ranging from professional production studios like NBC, Discovery and MTV to prosumers and enthusiasts like college students, religious organizations and video-editing hobbyists. Founder and Executive Chairman, Joel Holland has been named one of the "Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 25" by BusinessWeek Magazine, "Young Entrepreneur of the Year" by the United States Small Business Administration, “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernst and Young for the Greater Washington DC Region, and made Inc. Magazine’s prestigious “30 Under 30” list in 2013. The company is based in Reston, Virginia.


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