ReVision Effects RE:Lens v1.5 released


Last Updated: November 17, 2017 6:52 am GMT
(San Francisco, CA--November 17, 2017) ReVision Effects RE:Lens v1.5 is now available! We've updated RE:Lens for After Effects and Premiere Pro to version 1.5. RE:Lens is our plug-in product solution for lens conversions, projections and stabilization for 360 VR and fisheye footage. No charge to upgrade but please read on for compatibility info. We will be upgrading the OFX version of RE:Lens in the upcoming months with the same changes, so stay tuned!

RE:Lens features:
  • Stabilize 360 VR and fisheye footage directly, with easy-to-use workflow!
  • Capture with your fisheye or super fisheye lens and then convert to normal "rectilinear" projection for output, eliminating the need to watch curved images.
  • 360 (LatLong) to 2D conversion: Convert your 360 panoramic VR video to normal 2D, with options to edit and animate your point of view within the LatLong video.
  • Convert super fisheye clips to a 360 panoramic video in a single step without the need for stitching software.
  • Learn more about RE:Lens.

Projects made with previous versions of RE:Lens will generally not be compatible with version 1.5. If you made projects you should make a backup of the old version of the plug-in set (plug-in location info). Never fear! The previous version is also available for download (download previous version) in case you do not backup. Note that if all you did was stabilize footage and didn't apply any user-controlled rotational changes, then your old projects will continue to be compatible.

Why should you upgrade?
  • Fixed a problem where animating the rotations after stabilizing footage could cause shaky results.
  • Made tracking 15% faster in many cases.
  • Made the meaning of rotations more consistent among the plug-ins.
  • Read more about what's new!
  • Download the upgrade here

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