First-time Exhibitor CyanView Showcases Innovative Mini-camera System at NAB 2018


Easily integrates and controls speciality cameras to enhance production workflow.

Last Updated: February 26, 2018 3:01 pm GMT
(Papignies, Belgium--February 26, 2018) At NAB 2018, first time exhibitor CyanView (Booth C.8530) will be showcasing its Cy-Stem universal mini-camera control system. Cy-Stem is highly cost-effective, and provides unique versatility and flexibility, enabling the highest degree of creativity, accuracy and quality in a wide range of applications where advanced camera control is required.

Based exclusively on IP technology, the Cy-Stem range comprises an RCP control panel and a series of small hardware modules that address three key areas in broadcast production: control, image quality and content transport of outside/live broadcasting such as sports events, reality TV and game shows.

Live demonstrations at NAB of Cy-Stem’s unparalleled remote control capabilities will see the CyanView stand connected via RF with the Silvus Technologies (Booth C.11735). Silvus is a provider of multi-antenna MIMO mesh / MANET technology for wireless communications in harsh conditions.

Also featured will be demonstrations of the most recent drone application.

Successful launch
“We had a very successful launch of Cy-Stem at IBC 2017 where it attracted significant interest because it truly fills a gap in the specialty camera market,” said David Bourgeois, founder and CEO of CyanView. “Visitors to our IBC stand were compelled by Cy-Stem’s powerful capabilities, the efficiency and simplicity it brings – and because, uniquely, it provides control of, and integration with, other systems in the production process.”

“Previously, the tools for vision engineers were quite basic allowing minimal control,” Bourgeois continued. “Cy-Stem completely transforms what’s possible when controlling a mix of different specialty cameras and the cost-effectiveness with which optimum image quality can be achieved. Cy-Stem can enable vision engineers to quickly, easily and intuitively deliver images that they can be proud of.”

At the heart of CyanView’s IP-based Cy-Stem product range is the Cy-RCP, a universal remote control panel that enables the control of multiple cameras. It is supported by the Cy-CI0 which enables control over IP of most cameras, lenses and other accessories via a range of protocols.

The range also includes the Cy-GWY gateway which features the open Ember+ control protocol, and provides an interface to a VSM (Virtual Studio Manager) and video processors such as the Lawo V__pro8 . Its WAN capability enables remote production.

Advanced Chroma Correction
The fourth product in the range and on display at NAB is the Cy-VP4 video processor, which supports four 3G HD (50/60) cameras or a single 4K (25/50/60) camera,. The Cy-VP4 provides advanced chroma correction and performs like a powerful CCU by enabling image processing of primary and secondary colours to any mini-camera within the production workflow. More information about CyanView and its products is available at

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About CyanView
CyanViewdesigns and manufactures Cy-Stem, a universal mini-camera system consisting of an RCP control panel and small hardware modules that improve and simplify the production workflow. By leveraging IP technologies to power and transport data, control, audio and video over a single IP cable, CyanView’s solutions address three stages of the broadcast acquisition: control, image quality and video transport. Its universal RCP controller is designed for vision engineers and interfaces with mini-cameras, lenses and other accessories. On the truck side, it also controls video processors for advanced image processing and leverages leading edge colour science in HDR, wide colour space, 4K and high frame rate.


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