Award-Winning Film ‘The Square’ Shares Dailies Securely with ioGates


Last Updated: February 27, 2018 2:16 pm GMT
(Chelmsford, MA--February 27, 2018) Broadcast Pix™ today announced Magnolia Pictures’ The Square, which received a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar nomination along with several other industry awards, used the ioGates cloud-based media management service to share dailies securely for production and editing approvals.

“ioGates made everyone on and off set get access to the material on several platforms, and it worked very well without any hiccups,” said Vincent Larsson, who owns Falsett Produktion, a rental house and post-production facility in Stockholm, but worked freelance for Plattform Produktion during the shoot. “The director also used the comment function quite a lot.”

The Square was shot over six months in 2016 using an Arri Alexa XT at 24fps, with footage recorded in the Open Gate ARRIRAW format. Larsson recommended ioGates for dailies. “When I worked at The Chimney Pot, we used ioGates quite a lot,” he recalled, “so that’s why I recommended it for The Square – and I would definitely use it again.”

The Oscar-nominated film The Square used the ioGates cloud-based media management service for dailies during production. Photos courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.

The ioGates browser-based workflow system makes it easy to share dailies, receive approvals, and get instant previews. Crew members receive a custom email with a link to the files, and footage can be viewed without FTP server logins or file downloads. ioGates also features frame-by-frame playback for reviewing shots, as well as the ability to write and share comments.

A Broadcast Pix company, ioGates is trusted by movie studios, post-production facilities, and broadcasters because its cloud-based media management service provides a safe, secure, and simple platform for uploading, sharing, collaborating, distributing, and archiving media content.

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