Hum3D Competition - Survival Car - Post-Apocalyptic Car Render Challenge


Last Updated: March 20, 2018 10:15 am GMT
(March 20, 2018) Hum3D is calling 3D artists from around the world to enter the Hum3D Competition for the best car in Post-Apocalyptic style, which closes on 28 May 2018.

Creatives can choose any related topic from zombie survival vehicles to the Mad Max universe. You need to create a car 3d model, put it into 3D environment and make a beautiful render. Jury will pay attention to the visual component of submitted works, but this is not all that you need to win. The idea of the work is also very important, as well as its presentation, complicacy (both of the model and of the scene) and quality of performance.

Participation in the contest is open to all comers, whose works comply with the rules.

Prize pool is licenses from the best companies of the 3D world — more than 24 sponsors support this event (Autodesk, Quixel, Corona, Keyshot, Marmoset, 3D-Coat and other).

Artworks must be created exclusively for the competition.

For more details, visit the competition page and be sure to check the rules section (

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