1 Beyond announces EzSAN X Shared Storage Solution


New 1 Beyond EzSAN X Enterprise-Level Shared Storage Solution, Affordable Prices for Video Workflows

Last Updated: April 1, 2018 1:39 am GMT
(Boston, MA--April 1, 2018) 1 Beyond, Inc., a leading manufacturer of shared storage products for video, announced the new 1 Beyond EzSANX storage solution, designed to address the requirements of small to medium size post-production workgroups to share assets and work directly off shared storage. The EzSAN X system is fast enough to accommodate HD, 4K and higher workflows with multiple users accessing the storage simultaneously.

It is designed to work seamlessly with Mac or PC as well as mixed environments and to support the latest features of Final Cut Pro X such as Libraries, the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and others. 1 Beyond EzSAN X addresses these needs with enterprise-level components, including high end RAID hardware, redundant power supplies, enterprise 12Gb SAS disks, and a Linux-based OS, all at an affordable price point. In addition, all support comes directly from experienced video professionals at 1 Beyond.

“The development of the EzSAN X was driven by a gap in the product offerings from other storage vendors,” says Terry Cullen, CEO and Founder of 1 Beyond. “Editors had to choose between storage with SATA drives and other consumer-grade components with little support from manufacturers, and higher-end, enterprise-level storage that is more robust but complicated and much more expensive. The EzSAN X fills this void at a fraction of the cost making the workflow benefits of a Storage Area Network (SAN) affordable to all.”

The EzSAN X builds on the technology and experience 1 Beyond has developed over the past 20 years designing and supporting storage and other video-related workflow products including the award-winning EzPetaSAN™ and previous generations of EzSAN™ and EzNAS™. 1 Beyond also offers a complementary set of products such as Asset Management, LTO Archive and Capture systems.

Because of 1 Beyond’s open systems philosophy, customers are encouraged to choose the products best for them and can be assured that the 1 Beyond non-proprietary design approach enables easy integration. It also makes 1 Beyond products easier to support by the customer’s IT or video staff. The EzSAN X can be configured to start small and scale over time. The flexible design includes all combinations of SAS drives from 2 to 12TBs and configurations from 8 to 24 disks which yields 16 to 288TBs in the base unit and the ability to expand to greater than 1PB.

The 8 and 12 disk configurations are partially loaded 16 bay units for easy expansion. Users connect directly to the EzSAN X via 1Gb, 10Gb or 40Gb connections. Up to 38 direct connections are supported with each user getting dedicated bandwidth for real-time multi-stream editing. Additional users can connect via a network switch.

Other features include automatic disk failure recovery, quiet hot-swap fans, hot-swap disks, redundant power supplies, a redundant path SAS backplane and e-mail notifications in case of failure or status change. Pricing starts at $8,761 (16Bay 8x2TB 12Gb SAS drives).

More information is available at www.1beyond.com/storage.

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About 1 Beyond, Inc.
1 Beyond designs and manufactures professional video equipment for all aspects of the workflow from production through post. In addition to Storage solutions, 1 Beyond focuses on solutions to simplify Streaming, Recording / Lecture Capture, Video Conferencing, and Archiving and also offers a line of auto-tracking and PTZ cameras. Known for innovation and rugged systems, 1 Beyond offers high reliability at a fraction of the cost of traditional high-end alternatives.


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