RUSHWORKS is Keeping it Super Simple at NAB with Unique, Affordable and Easy-to-Use Solutions


New A-LIST Streamster allows anyone to create an Internet TV channel, 3n1 provides triple functionality in one PTZ camera, PTOA now featured in camera control solutions

Last Updated: April 2, 2018 1:02 pm GMT
(Las Vegas, NV--April 2, 2018) RUSHWORKS, provider of cool technology for production, playback and streaming since 2001, is Keeping It Super Simple (K.I.S.S.) for NAB 2018 attendees to find effective, operator-friendly and cost-efective production, playback and streaming solutions. The line-up of new products in Booth SL11216 includes the introduction of RUSHWORKS’ A-LIST Streamster, an IP only automation system; the 3n1 single fixture, triple function video camera; and the addition of coordinated preset time of arrival (PTOA) for RUSHWORKS camera control solutions.

RUSHWORKS is also highlighting an expanded PTX Universal PanTilt head series; RUSHDOLLY, a tiny but versatile track dolly; VDEPO video deposition recording system, and VDESK robotic camera video production system for television and radio.

“NAB isn’t just for traditional broadcasters anymore,” says Rush Beesley, RUSHWORKS president. “It’s morphed into a technology showcase that targets all levels of expertise and sophistication, ranging from facilities that rely on non-technical volunteers to multi-location broadcasting operations. At RUSHWORKS, we’re dedicated to Keeping It Super Simple with operator-friendly, budget-pleasing solutions that support the highest-quality productions for both Over The Air and IP. Our new gear can go from broadcast to boardroom, from classroom to congregation, and always deliver quality beyond expectations - with minimal operator involvement.”


A-LIST Streamster

Streamster, a tiny but powerful desktop scheduling and playback engine, allows anyone to create their own Internet TV Channel. Building on RUSHWORKS’ A-LIST Broadcast Automation System, Streamster incorporates most of A-LIST’s industry-leading features and functions with an “IP only” configuration of its own. Streamster supports URL and NDI input and output, making this the technology of choice for Internet TV stations, including YouTube and similar links.

3n1 Multi-Function Video Camera

Building on 18 years’ experience controlling PTZ cameras, RUSHWORKS now offers a single camera with triple functionality in ONE form factor. 3n1 includes a HD-SDI PTZ with 20x or 30x lens, PLUS a wide angle HD-SDI camera, PLUS the ability to auto-track a single target using motion detection and analysis. The two independent HD-SDI outputs allow the operator to automatically switch to the wide shot while the PTZ is quickly going to a preset, enabling an operator with a single 3n1 to produce an event when used in conjunction with RUSHWORKS VDESK or REMO production systems. With exceptional low-light capability, 3n1 is ideal for houses of worship, presenters, teachers, performances, and similar venues.

Preset Time of Arrival (PTOA)
RUSHWORKS has added coordinated preset time of arrival (PTOA) for many of the PTZ cameras it controls. PTOA mimics the movements of a skilled camera operator when shifting from one shot to another while “live”. The algorithm calculates the differences in the current position and the saved preset position, and divides the speed for pan, tilt and zoom by the time selected on the SPEED slider in RUSHWORKS Ctrl+R Camera Control. That control is also embedded in the VDESK and REMO Integrated PTZ and PTX Production Systems the company offers.

PTX Universal PanTilt Heads

RUSHWORKS PTX PanTilt heads continue to turn heads! Production functionality and versatility take a quantum leap with these unique pan and tilt heads that are available in two sizes. Using VISCA and DMX controllers with your favorite camera or camcorder, remotely control most camera operations with cameras from AJA, ARRI, Blackmagic, Canon, Datavideo, JVC, Marshall, Panasonic, RED, Sony and others.

AND – just announced… PTX Universal PanTilt heads are now compatible with ATEM switchers from Blackmagic Design!

RUSHDOLLY for PTZ & PTX Production

RUSHDOLLY is a tiny but versatile track dolly designed to interface with PTZ and PTX cameras for creating scripted, multi-dimensional moves that integrate all motion axes into shots. RUSHDOLLY, equally at home on the floor or suspended, can creep or maintain a walking pace in the studio or on location, with super simple software for preset creation and speed-defined transitions.

VDEPO Video Deposition Recording System

VDEPO meets the needs of those specializing in the production of on-location video depositions. Lightweight and small, it’s optimized for quick setup and noiseless touch-screen operation. It has four inputs, supports Picture-in-Picture (PiP), a graphic and video File Browser with search and playback, and ISO recording of all inputs as well as the switched program.

VDESK Radio/TV Production System

Radio/TV integrates RUSHWORKS’ 3n1 multi-function PTZ camera with its TALK-TAKE automated video switching based on voice activation. The combination provides excellent coverage for the host and the guests with totally “hands off” switching. This means no additional workload on the producer, and low cost to provide good return on investment.

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Founded in 2001, RUSHWORKS provides low-cost, high-performance television production, automation and video streaming solutions. These scalable and extensible solutions integrate networked video and graphics servers and encoders with "powerfully simple" automation software for Houses of Worship, Broadcast, Cable, PEG channels, Meetings, Events and Digital Signage. The company also designs and installs turnkey integrated media solutions for city government channels, including automation systems, encoders, audio support systems, large screen monitors, video presenter solutions, and other meeting room AV support. For further information:


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