Chrosziel Lens Test Projector P-TPCXPL for ARRI Signature Prime lenses with LPL mount


Glass & Filter Inserts, 60mm LED Image Circle, Multiport for Lens Data & Control

Last Updated: April 16, 2018 2:57 pm GMT
(Kirchheim, Germany--April 16, 2018) The Chrosziel Projector P-TPCXPL with dedicated ARRI™ Plates meets all requirements to professionally check and service lenses such as ARRI Signature Prime lenses with LPL mounts or other mounts like XPL, PL, EF or B4 mounts. The projector was built with highest precision below 5μm plane parallelism between mount and reticle.

The reticle is surrounded by two 3x3 trays: The 3x3 glass insert between lens mount and reticle simulates the glass way (up to 7mm thickness) of a specific camera. The 3x3 filter insert between light engine and reticle allows inserting color correction filters with a thickness up to 4.6mm.

To evenly illuminate an image circle of 60mm diameter Chrosziel uses a sophisticated condenser-free mirror system allowing higher light efficiency as well as effective and constant light distribution. The built-in light source consists of a LED pad with 5,000K color temperature and can be operated in a high mode and low for bright high-speed lenses.

The easy access to the centering screws of zooms simplifies the workflow of lens service technicians to calibrate and center zoom lenses comfortably without having to unmount it multiple times. Two multiport connectors situated on both sides of the projector allow electronical lens data access (e.g. /i-Data and LDS meta data).

Two possibilities for altering the back-focus are available: manually or via the integrated motorization. The user can control it via cable or any established lens control systems on the market like the MagNum. The optionally available laser rangefinder allows the lens technician to precisely determine the distance between reticle and projection screen. The integrated 19mm rods support lenses with a weight up to 26.46lbs. (12 kilogram).

With the Lens Test Projector P-TPCXPL Chrosziel lifts lens testing onto the next level. Based on decade-long experience in developing lens testing instruments the projectors offer high quality and market leading precision.

The lens service technician can operate the back focus manually, via cable connected remote control or via wireless FIZ with digital read out. A selection of various reticles for anamorphic and standard lenses allow the precise service of the huge range of different lenses.

In the long term, the projector offers high investment security to rental houses and independent lens testing service providers. Due to the high versatility and newly designed electronic multiport it is future-proof.

Harm Abrahams, CEO Chrosziel comments: “We are excited that ARRI chose our Lens Test Projector P-TPCXPL as the standard lens testing instrument for their facilities worldwide. This projector demonstrates again our abilities in manufacturing fine precision products. It precisely matches the high-quality standards of ARRI.”

What's In the Box, Availability
Besides the lens test projector P-TPCXPL itself, there is a remote control with cable, the multicolor LED gooseneck working light, the measurement gauge with 1μm scale, the lens support, two 19mm rods, three power cable for US, EU, and UK grids as well as a printed manual. Estimated delivery time of the first series devices is scheduled for End of May 2018.

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