Lucky 21 Director Rob Pritts Enjoys Uncomfortable Moments With GameStop Via The Richards Group


Last Updated: July 10, 2018 3:38 pm GMT
(July 10, 2018) GameStop delivers on the promise that stranger things can happen than an awesome Summer Game Sale. The project reunites Lucky 21 Director Rob Pritts with agency The Richards Group for a delightfully...awkward... collaboration. A window on the absurdist humor of GameStop’s new spot reveals an unlikely friendship, and added a unique directing challenge: Camelid comedy.

“This is one of those spots that tears the fabric of time and space,” quips Pritts. “It’s a dream to get comedy scripts like this. We got to ‘embrace the strange’ with the Jerry Lewis of animals and see how far we could push an already insanely ridiculous concept.”

This GameStop odd-couple provided plentiful performance possibilities for Lucky Post Editor Elizabeth V. Moore. Moore relays, “The old saying that comedy is hard isn’t completely true. It’s really fun, but utterly subjective. For me, it’s a joy working with lingering moments of absurdity.”


Agency: The Richards Group
Creative Group Head/Writer: David Canright Creative Group Head/Art Director: Lynda Hodge Brand Creative/Writer: Chris Cannon Brand Creative/Art Director: Ryan Beals Broadcast Producer: Jenny Wolk

Production Company: Lucky 21
Director: Rob Pritts EP: John Gilliland

Post Company: Lucky Post
Editor: Elizabeth V. Moore Audio: Scottie Richardson Color: Neil Anderson Online Editor: Dan Margules Assistant Editor: Juan Vargas

Visual Effects (talking llama): JAMM


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