Eleven's Jeff Payne Mixes Energetic New Campaign For Nike and Dick's Sporting Goods In "Play Like You Own It"


Last Updated: July 23, 2018 8:33 am GMT
(Santa Monica, CA--July 23, 2018) Eleven Founder/Mixer Jeff Payne encourages viewers to own their playing field in Nike and Dick's Sporting Goods new campaign, “Play Like You Own It.” The spot showcases various athletes, including soccer star Mallory Pugh, perfecting their game in the most unlikely of places, reminding the audience that sports can never be limited to the field or court.



Client: Nike
Spot Title: “Play Like You Own It”
Audio Postproduction Studio: Eleven
Mixer: Jeff Payne
Assistant Mixer: Andrew Smith
Executive Producer: Melissa Elston
Producer: Maddee Bonniot

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About Eleven:
Eleven is a boutique, audio postproduction studio in the heart of Santa Monica, California, designed to serve the advertising community. Revered by top advertising agencies and editorial shops for its commitment to creativity and client service, Eleven has a long standing reputation as an industry leader in sound mixing for commercials and media. Eleven’s clients are drawn not only to the unparalleled talent of its Mixers, staff and technology, but also to the culture and intimate vibe that the atmosphere of the studios and facilities provide. Reflecting the humor of its Founder/Mixer Jeff Payne, Eleven was named as an homage to “Spinal Tap.” (Not familiar? Do a little research). www.elevensound.com


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