DigitalFilm Tree's Ramy Katrib to moderate panel on blockchain, Thurs. October 11, during HPA NET luncheon


Last Updated: October 8, 2018 6:02 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, CA--October 8, 2018) BLOCKCHAIN. EXPLAINED. FINALLY. — DigitalFilm Tree Founder and CEO, Ramy Katrib, will moderate a deep dive panel on blockchain this Thursday, October 11th, during the HPA NET luncheon at The Garland in North Hollywood (HPA NET Luncheon). Promising that he will also demystify the topic for those in the media and entertainment industries that are new to the subject, Katrib will place an emphasis on the particular needs of creative workflows.

Lena Wasikowski, Vice President of Global Client Servicing, Warner Bros. Technology, Eric Diehl, Vice President of Media and Content Security at Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Mark Zorn, Senior Manager of Productions and Content Cybersecurity at HBO, will join him in the discussion. Wasikowski heads optimization of content delivery technologies like 4K, Dolby ATMOS, and virtual reality.

Diehl, a “skeptical enthusiast” on blockchain researches new paradigms in security and blockchain, was previously the founder of Technicolor Security Labs. As consultant to post-production houses, VFX, exhibitors, and the MPAA, Zorn has worked to hone standards in the industry such as ISO 17799, 27000, MPAA Best Practices, HIPAA, PCI, and GIAC.

For the highly meticulous needs of Internet security, blockchain is a form of cryptography that allows users to control, track, and distribute digital media and content. Katrib says that the beginnings of blockchain can be traced to decentralized, peer-to-peer protocols like bitcoin and the BitTorrent file sharing services, and even back to Napster, which started it all just before the turn of the century.

Naturally, there is quite a bit of uncertainty about software that started its roots in the free distribution of pirated media, however the advantages to blockchain are innumerable. Using decentralized, synchronized ledgers, assets can be tracked wherever they may travel, worldwide, ad infinitum, alongside detailed records of any changes or edits to files, even with IP-based networking and live streaming.

“Blockchain represents many practical benefits, beyond security and building trust in a collaborative environment, like those in the TV and film industries,” says Katrib, “I think the main hesitation to learning and applying blockchain process, is understanding it in the first place, and the process of discovering practical use cases where blockchain may be beneficial for any particular user, is not necessarily a straightforward path.”

For more than two decades, Katrib, who began as a negative cutter and telecine colorist, has been instrumental in developing M&E industry workflows. DigitalFilm Tree, or DFT, a post production and software development company, was established in 1999. Today, DFT is a leading provider for cloud-based and other post services. With verification by Blackmagic Design, their DaVinci Resolve 15 pipeline is currently the fastest in the world.

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DigitalFilm Tree is an award-winning post production and software development company. Over 17 years ago, DFT was the first to pioneer file-based workflows on projects like Cold Mountain and Scrubs. Today DFT is the leading provider of cloud-based post services and software solutions in media and entertainment. DFT champions a multidisciplinary environment of world-class creative and technical talent, working hand in hand to provide clients like ABC, A&E, CBS, HBO, Fox, Netflix, Turner, and Warner Bros. an unparalleled user experience. For more information please visit


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