CleverLeaf LLC releases SimpleSupers CG App for Windows 10


CleverLeaf LLC announced today the release of SimpleSupers, a PowerPoint app for Windows 10

Last Updated: October 8, 2018 7:37 pm GMT
(October 8, 2018) SimpleSupers is a PowerPoint app that generates an alpha channel from your animated slides, and then synchronizes both for real-time integration with your broadcast production switcher. Simply build your lower-thirds and titles in PowerPoint using any transparent graphics, shapes, objects or text you desire, activate the SimpleSupers app, and then super your titles with your production switcher.

SimpleSupers retains PowerPoint animations to add animated lower thirds, shimmers, fades, animated gifs, and other animations and transitions.

SimpleSupers works with off-the-shelf computers and without expensive software and hardware set-ups.

Churches, school media departments, corporate media, TV stations, cable stations, internet streamers and other media professionals can now afford to have a capable character generator. Or use PowerPoint as a supplemental system for additional graphics generation or ‘bug’ supers.

System requirements: Windows 10 or later. PowerPoint 2013 or later. Laptop or Desktop computer with a minimum of 3 displays. Main (primary)
display is used for PowerPoint app and SimpleSupers controller. Displays 2 and 3 are user selectable for Key and Fill.

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