Brooker Takes Grip Works to Next Level with CAM TANK and MAX From MSE


Last Updated: February 10, 2019 12:00 pm GMT
(Burbank, CA--February 10, 2019) Jon Brooker isn't your normal college student. Alongside hitting the books, he's a working member of Local 80 and growing his own grip company, Grip Works. He recently visited MSE to pick up MAX Menace Arm and CAM TANK to round out his support gear. The addition of these multi-task systems will, as he says, “take the company to another level of support."

“My normal three-ton truck carries the standard gear from stands, rags, flags, and clamps,” he explains. “When we have a need for more – we pull from the shop. But often the DP or Gaffer wants a light in a certain place – and most key grips won’t be able to make that happen. They usually don’t have access to start-of-the-art equipment.

“That’s why I recently bought the MAX MENACE ARM,” he adds. “Now I can get those shots where it’s difficult to get a light in a certain place or where you can’t place a normal arm due to the light’s weight. MAX can manage anything."

“Same with CAM TANK,” he continues. “It’s great because I can now achieve the DP’s ideal shot while being level on the ground and accomplishing the smooth moves of a tripod head – but lower.”

Today, every project seems to be demanding something new. Just like Matthews, Brooker realizes this and utilizes the most innovative products on the market. When DPs and Gaffers rent from him, they arrive on set with the most functional and creative gear on the market.

For more information on MAX Menace Arm and CAM TANK:

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