SGO: Substantial New Release of Mistika Ultima Includes ProRes Support, Enhanced Collaboration


New release of Mistika Ultima arms artists with an extensive spectrum of newly added features, toolsets and performance enhancements, positioning itself once again as the unparalleled full-finishing system and workflow solution

Last Updated: February 28, 2019 8:43 am GMT
(Madrid, Spain--February 28, 2019) The latest version of SGO’s globally acclaimed Hero Suite Mistika Ultima arms artists with an extensive spectrum of newly added features, toolsets and performance enhancements, positioning itself once again as the unparalleled full-finishing system and workflow solution.

Improvements have been made throughout Mistika Ultima and include many revised toolsets such as shapes, keyframes and notes & markers. Among the newly added features there are align, mute moving clip and unscale functions, a bypass toggle and new processes for HDR workflows. Importantly, there is also support for the latest hardware developments including AJA KONA 5, Tangent Arc grading control panels and new highly optimized SGO Storage Solutions.

To meet the efficiency demands of today’s post-production industry, the new release of Mistika Ultima provides a significant performance increase by speeding-up rendering by up to ten times, thanks to software optimization and NVIDIA hardware render support. The playback speed of industry-specific formats has also been enhanced, allowing real-time interactivity of UHD 8K at 60p.

Official Apple ProRes support has been added enabling its users to work with and create ProRes media significantly faster than before and at the highest quality available.

The scope of professional format support is now even wider, including the latest ARRI, RED, and Canon SDKs.

Expanding collaborative capabilities
Mistika Ultima continues to improve workflow efficiency by expanding collaborative capabilities between natively integrated Mistika Technology products. This includes Mistika CoPilot, an application which runs inside the same workstation but on a second GPU. Included at no extra cost, it provides a second user interface enabling an assistant to simultaneously work on the same project without interfering with the main operator’s tasks.

The Immersive Reality Toolset also receives various enhancements and is fully compatible with Mistika VR, the industry-adopted solution for optical flow stitching. This eliminates the need for intermediate rendering by allowing Mistika Ultima to just share project metadata thus improving efficiency when creating captivating VR/360º content.

Revised Mistika Ultima for 8K Production
Utilizing a new Mistika Technology hardware and SGO storage configuration, Mistika Ultima 8K provides real-time finishing and workflow for UHD 8K at 60p, even with uncompressed formats. Real-time capture and playout at 8K 60p is also possible when using the latest 8K recorder from Panasonic. These developments are also relevant for customers involved in giant screen or complex special projects using very high resolutions and frame rates.

SGOcontinues to lead development at the high-end with Mistika Ultima, using all our knowledge and expertise to deliver the most agile, innovative and performant solutions available in the market,” says Geoff Mills, Managing Director at SGO. “We are proud that our customers all around the world continue to put their trust in us and delighted that broadcasters and post facilities in Asia have embraced Mistika Technology to produce content all the way up to 8K 60p.”

The entire list of newly supported professional formats, features and other improvements recently added to Mistika Ultima can be found here.

About SGO
SGO is a Spanish high-end technology company with decades of experience in developing and integrating high-end post-production solutions. Their award-winning Mistika Ultima post-production Hero Suite has achieved market notoriety for developing customized post tools and workflows for many of the industry leaders all around the world.

Mistika Ultima offers a broad spectrum of flexible and extremely powerful online features and toolsets, essential for finishing, such as color grading, compositing, editing, VFX, S3D, HDR and many more. Mistika Ultima’s unrivaled performance enables real-time interactivity in 4K/UHD resolution, and even 8K, with the result of any creative decision seen instantly at the highest quality. Apart from software solutions, SGO provides its clients with extensive engineering expertise and knowledge. This combination creates personalized high-level workflow solutions, extracting all available processing from hardware and optimizing storage to achieve incredible performance.


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