CyanView’s Cy-Stem Universal Camera Control System Nominated For NAB 2019 Product Of The Year Award


“Now, vision engineers can have similar level of control over specialty cameras as they do over system cameras”

Last Updated: April 1, 2019 10:00 am GMT
(Papignies, Belgium--April 1, 2019) CyanView has announced that its Cy-Stem universal camera control system has been nominated in the 2019 NAB Show Product of the Year Awards (Cameras, Camera Support and Accessories). Cy-Stem is a unique solution that brings new levels of capability and flexibility to live production.

“We’re delighted that Cy-Stem has been recognized by NAB in this way,” said David Bourgeois, founder and CEO of CyanView. “Vision engineers have long been frustrated by the inadequate performance of specialty cameras – and that frustration has only become greater with the growing number of live productions and the increasing availability of a range of special-purpose cameras. We developed Cy-Stem to alleviate those frustrations. Now, vision engineers can have a similar level of control over specialty cameras as they do over system cameras.”

Cy-Stem is designed to address a wide range of applications where advanced camera control would be desirable to deliver new creative opportunities. It is highly cost-effective and provides unique versatility and flexibility, enabling extensive creativity, accuracy and quality.

The IP-based Cy-Stem range comprises a universal RCP control panel - giving control of an unlimited number of cameras - and a series of small hardware modules that address four key areas in broadcast production: control and matching of mini and specialty cameras on sports events, reality TV, game shows and so on; wireless or remote production with ENG and small camcorders; integration via the RCP of color correctors with advanced processing for camera matching; and digital cinema cameras for live recording such as concerts or game shows.

“Cy-Stem is a revolution in terms of what’s possible when it comes to controlling a broad range of cameras,” continued Bourgeois. “Now, remote control doesn’t have to mean only basic functionality – and nor does it have to be expensive. For vision engineers, it’s a perfect tool for delivering exactly the image they’re looking for.”

CyanView is now focusing on extending Cy-Stem’s capabilities to encompass the special requirements of ENG camcorders where a system camera doesn't fit or is over budget.

“Many of these cases relate to wireless control or remote production, and Cyanview's IoT-like architecture is ideal for controlling anything from anywhere,” concluded Bourgeois. “A new interface – to be announced at NAB - will provide camera control over the internet, including cellular networks. It will now be possible to achieve easy and inexpensive control of a camera on a motorbike during a marathon, having both video and control over cellular networks.”

Upcoming control of action cams and mirrorless cameras will be demonstrated at NAB as well. These could be combined with control of accessories such as lenses or gimbals, offering a perfect solution to control drone cameras and gimbals over 4G from both the vision desk and cameraman joystick panels in an OB van. A proof of concept has been demonstrated in which the recording of multiple GoPros is controlled, with all the files automatically returned to the server.

The Cy-Stem project started as a control solution for multiple mini-cameras such as onboards on the Le Mans 24 Hour, or placed in the structures of the Ninja Warrior gameshow. It has developed significantly since then, in response to customer requests. Cy-Stem now provides a uniquely broad range of new functionality to specialty cameras, transforming what is possible in live production.

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About CyanView
CyanView designs and manufactures a universal camera control system consisting of an RCP control panel and small hardware modules that improve and simplify the production workflow. By leveraging IP technologies, CyanView’s solutions address three elements of broadcast acquisition when using a mix of camera types: connection, control, and image quality. CyanView’s universal RCP controller is designed for vision engineers and interfaces with any camera, lenses and other accessories. On the truck side, it also controls video processors for advanced image processing and leverages leading edge colour science in HDR, wide colour space, 4K and high frame rate.


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