Seoul To Host Its First International Film Festival Since 2008


Festival runs September 20-26, tickets now on sale

Last Updated: July 26, 2019 11:25 pm GMT
(Seoul, South Korea--July 26, 2019) After going more than a decade without one and while Busan’s grew at an incredible rate, Seoul is once again home to an international film festival.

The first incarnation of Seoul International Film Festival was born as SeNeF (Seoul Net and Film Festival) in 1999. Over the course of the next nine years, it grew to become Seoul International and, in its final year of operation, hosted over 30,000 people at venues across the city.

After nine years, and despite the support of major sponsors, Seoul International Film Festival quietly disappeared in 2008, leaving a major void in the capital city’s film scene. In early 2019, executive director, Jon Racinskas, and a small international team of film aficionados began work to resurrect the festival. Over the course of this year, that team has grown to two hundred people who speak eleven different languages.

The festival opened its submission window on May 18th, and, to date, has received entries from 47 different countries, including Afghanistan and Iran. The film lineup, which will be made publicly available on August 8th, includes films making their world, international, and Korean premieres.

The festival opens on September 20th and will run until the 26th. Tickets are now available at Press badges are also available. Email for more details.



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