Cortex v5.2 is now officially certified for Dolby Vision™ CMv2 and CMv4


Last Updated: August 12, 2019 3:15 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, CA--August 12, 2019) Cortex v5.2 is now officially certified for Dolby Vision™ CMv2 and CMv4 as a mastering tool for assembling, editing, and packaging Dolby Vision™ IMF packages, as well as import/export of separate XML metadata files and rendering embedded MXF files.

New Features
  • A new version of Cortex called Cortex QC Edition that includes Edit and QA tools
  • Officially certified for Dolby Vision™Content Mapping v4
  • Audio waveforms on audio tracks in the Edit Eool
  • File per edit renders in a supplemental IMF
  • Ability to append to a LTO tape and PDF report
  • New Sony SDK to include Sony XOCN 4K 2.39 and Venice CineAlta-V at 6K-16x9 and 6K-2.39
  • New RED SDK,v7.1
  • Support for Blackmagic RAW
  • Support for ACES 1.1
  • Support for CUDA 10 including Nvidia 2080TI cards
  • Support for AJA Kona 5 and Blackmagic Decklink 8K
  • Support for ProRes RAW
  • Support for SXR stereo file format
  • Support for IMSC 1.1 and image based subtitles

  • Improved waveform reticles and a millivolt scale
  • Improved HDR support for HEVC
  • Improved handling of EXR metadata
  • Improved ProRes MXF rendering
  • Improved DCP signature compliance when creating an encrypted DCP
  • Improved dead pixel detection

Please note that you will need a current contract for Upgrades and Support in order to enable a v5.2 upgrade of paid Cortex editions. (Enterprise, Dailies, DIT+) If you need to renew your support contract, please contact us at:


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