CreationEffects Releases New Template for After Effects: Wisp


Allows creation of particle trails without plug-ins

Last Updated: August 26, 2019 12:56 pm GMT
(Jamestown, North Carolina--August 26, 2019) has announced the release of their 37th Visual Effects template for After Effects, “Wisp.” Wisp allows video editors to create 3D trails of particles in After Effects. With 50 wisp presets, the particles can be used to imitate trails of fire, liquid, smoke, ink, sparks, lightning, bubbles, sand, and a variety of abstract shapes. The wisps can follow any moving layer, and they are customizable with easy-to-use controls.

Wisp is presented as a more affordable alternative to popular particle-creation plug-ins like “Trapcode Particular.” Previously near-impossible After Effects tasks, like making lightning follow a complex path, writing out text with bleeding ink, or creating a thickening 3D vine are now completely within the realm of possibility.

Noel Powell, “Wisp” creator and founder of CreationEffects, spent roughly 400 hours perfecting this template. When asked what his motivation was, he replied, “I really wanted to explore what can be done with particles in After Effects without any plugins. This effect certainly pushes those boundaries.”

Wisp is compatible with After Effects CS6 and all later versions. Both HD and 4K versions of the effects are included.

About Creation Effects
Creation Effects was founded by Noel Powell in 2012, and incorporated in 2015. The focus of Creation Effects has always been to provide the highest quality Adobe After Effects templates to professional visual effects and motion graphics artists. After Effects is the industry standard software for compositing effects for film and video. Templates are project files in which the effects have already been created, and the user need only to customize it to suit their needs. Templates are sold via digital download through the website,


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