CJP Completes Set Design and Integration for London HD Studio


Last Updated: June 19, 2020 11:21 pm GMT
(London, UK--June 19, 2020) CJP Broadcast announces the completion of a studio set design and installation project at the London headquarters of an internationally active provider of business and financial services. The new set will be used to develop high-definition video productions and podcasts for a wide range of UK-based and overseas clients.

"We were asked to provide full project management and installation of the set and studio lighting, plus a complete technical support package covering all studio infrastructure," comments CJP Broadcast Managing Director Chris Phillips. "We were able to bring in industry specialists to ensure that the solution was fully effective and to show the client's staff how to use the system to its full potential."

"Our challenge was to design and integrate the new set with modern energy-efficient LED lighting. The previous set was in good condition but outdated in terms of styling and in many instances not suitable for the type of content being created. We took a flexible modular approach so that a single set could be altered easily to match the content. This has been achieved through a combination of colour-adjustable LED backlighting and three wall-mounted 65 inch Samsung professional LED screens."

"We proposed a variety of approaches varying in complexity and cost. The client chose a versatile solution which would provide scope for a high level of production quality and creativity. We partnered with industry-leading lighting and set designers to create the systems and then brought in an award-winning lighting director who set up the lighting correctly and trained the on-site staff in lighting techniques. That combination of skills contributed to a very successful result which producers find very easy to work with. The set is on a raised floor to give camera operators maximum freedom in their choice of camera position and shooting height."

"The lighting itself is largely from Kino-Flo and controlled via a Zero 88 FLX console. We have also upgraded the studio teleprompt system to Cuescript, installed new Ross sync pulse generators and provided Røde podcast functionality. Our client is extremely pleased with the finished projects and the studios are now in daily use."

CJP continues to support the facility's complete studio infrastructure, including post-installation maintenance of the set, lighting and video systems and an anticipated audio equipment upgrade.


About CJP Broadcast

CJP Broadcast Service Solutions Limited (www.cjp-bss.co.uk) was established in 2011 to provide broadcast manufacturers and engineering companies with professional ITIL based service desk solutions. In 2016 the company expanded its portfolio to include digitisation of broadcast tape and film media for restoration of historical media archives into modern file-based formats. In 2018 CJP expanded its operation further, providing live production solutions, professional broadcast TV studio system integration and technical support services.


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