Food photography made easy with C1 Plus and an iPhone


How Sakiko Ohno creates the perfect recipe for food photography on the go with the Profoto C1 Plus

Last Updated: July 16, 2020 11:19 pm GMT
(July 16, 2020) Profoto challenged the successful Tokyo based food photographer Sakiko Ohno to create images using the Profoto C1 Plus studio light for smartphones with an iPhone 11 Pro. Would she be able to do the mouthwatering food justice using only the pocked-sized C1 Plus and a smartphone?

We started out with a photograph of an Asian-style green pea and coriander soup that has a gorgeous vivid green color. Sakiko captured the steam rising from the soup by shining the C1 Plus attached to the Clic Grid 20° with backlight from the left, behind the subject. She used the Clic Grid 20° to pinpoint and illuminate just the steam. 

With C1 Plus

Without C1 Plus

Profoto C1 Plus, the light that changes everything

Profoto Clic Grid, reduces light spread and controls straylight

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