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See Blackbird in action on Azure on 30th July 2020 Webinar

Last Updated: July 27, 2020 8:30 pm GMT
(July 27, 2020) Enterprises in sports, esports, news and entertainment who want to see how easy and fast it is to edit and publish video content on Azure remotely from any location – even on low bandwidth, are invited to attend.

Blackbird very easily enables highly responsive and fully featured remote editing for live and non-live content and can be used in a browser with a standard laptop. Blackbird empowers production teams to work collaboratively – easily and rapidly creating great video content for multiple devices and platforms including web, broadcast, OTT and social.

Blackbird is seamlessly scalable and powers significant productivity and efficiency benefits for any enterprise organization working with video. Blackbird can be used on-premise or as part of a hybrid workflow and integrates with the major public clouds.

Webinars: 30th July Cloud video editing and publishing on Microsoft Azure
Location: webinar
Date: Thursday, 30th July 2020
Webinar 1: 11am to 11.45am UK time
Webinar 2: 2pm to 2.45pm EDT (7pm to 7.45pm UK time)

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fast - easy - scalable - remote - cost effective

During the webinar we’ll show you how to:
  • edit frame-accurately from anywhere – even on low bandwidth
  • remotely and collaboratively produce great video content
  • benefit from the only professional video editor in a browser
  • enjoy instant precision access to video
  • easily and quickly create clips, highlights and longer form content
  • publish video content in seconds – to everywhere
  • monetize content
  • integrate Blackbird with existing infrastructure
Unique and transformative, Blackbird is proven with blue chip customers such as IMG, A+E Networks, Deltatre, Peloton, US Department of State, NHL, Riot Games, Eleven Sports, TownNews and many others.

Webinar 1: 11am to 11.45am UK time
Webinar 2: 2pm to 2.45pm EDT (7pm to 7.45pm UK time)


About Blackbird
Blackbird develops, markets and licenses a powerful cloud video platform using its patented Blackbird technology. The technology underpins multiple applications, which are used by rights holders, broadcasters, sports and news video specialists, esports live events and content owners, post-production houses, other mass-market digital video channels and corporations. The Blackbird technology allows full visibility of multi-location digital content, improves time to market for live content such as video clips and highlights for social media distribution, and results in much more effective monetisation. www.blackbird.video


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