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Last Updated: July 30, 2020 9:33 pm GMT
(Panama City--July 30, 2020) Acrovid announces the release of Intertake 1.2, the all-in-one revolutionary video tool for video professionals and advanced amateurs featuring high quality video processing, from fast transcoding and re-wrapping to complete video transformation.

The easy to use single window user interface allows to quickly configure the program settings, simply import one, tens, or hundred of videos, configure the options, and start the job. The smart batch processing allows to auto configure the settings for all videos, or configure each video separately.

Intertake is packed with high quality features like color correction, standards conversion, 3D LUTs, gamma and color spaces conversions, video denoiser, video join, video filters, video trim, proxies creation, audio conversions, anamorphic de-squeeze, timecode support and much more. All video standards are supported, NTSC and PAL in SD, HD, 4K and 8K, in SDR and HDR formats.

Intertake supports a wide range of input pro and consumer video and image sequence formats and codecs in 8,10,12 and 16-bit, including most containers and codecs like DNxHD/DNxHR, Cineform, ProRes, XAVC, AVCHD, HDV, MPEG2, DVCProHD, AVC-Intra, H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC and uncompressed formats.

Video encoding support includes pro and consumer encoders:
- a wide range of high quality edit-friendly mezzanine codecs in 8,10 and 12-bit, in containers like MOV, AVI, MKV and MXF OP-1a and OP-Atom compatible with best NLEs. - consumer encoders like H.264/AVC or H.265/HEVC in 8 and 10-bit, supporting HDR10 and HLG. - video re-wrapping without re-encoding to MOV, MP4 and MXF OP-1a formats.

Main Features
- Standards conversions, video resample, frame rate conversions and corrections, and deinterlacing: convert your videos to any standard in NTSC or PAL formats or to non standard formats using high quality motion estimation methods. Resample your videos to any format and convert or correct the frame rate. Includes high quality deinterlacing, field dominance correction, conversions from progressive to interlaced videos and bitdepth and chroma upsampling and downsampling.

- Fast and precise video cut and video join mode: cut your videos accurately to one or more segments for encoding or re-wrapping. The Join mode allows to join several videos with the same or different formats.

- Pro color correction with real time preview: color correction features advanced filters including 3-way color correction. The user interface allows real time preview in SDR and HDR modes, apply LUTs, convert gammas and color spaces, and apply color correction filters.

- Gamma and color space conversions: support for standard SDR and HDR color spaces and gammas and like PQ or HLG, and conversions from camera gammas and color spaces to SDR and HDR, includes support for most popular cameras like Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Nikon, DJI, GoPro, Fujifilm, Blackmagic, Arri, RED, Astrodesign or Bolex. Conversions can be previewed and corrected in real time, this allows the user to import videos recorded in HDR cameras for converting to pristine SDR or HDR formats.

- SRD/HDR conversions: convert SDR videos to HDR, and HDR videos to SDR, with real time preview and fine adjustments using the color correction interface.

- LUTs support: apply 1D and 3D LUTs to your videos with real time preview. The LUT manager allows to easily manage hundreds of LUTs, combine several LUTs and compare different LUTs applied.

- Create or modify 3D LUTs: a standard cube 3D LUT can be created to use in Intertake or any other software, the created LUT includes the color correction filters, the LUTs applied, and the gamma and color space conversions selected.

- HDR10 support: import and create HDR10 metadata to encode HDR10 compatible videos, MaxCLL and MaxFALL values can be set or calculated, and the video nits can be limited.

- Aspect ratio conversions with visual interface: supports all aspect ratios including SD NTSC and PAL 4:3, standard 16:9, DCI 4K 17:9, cinema aspect ratios like 2.35:1 or 1.85:1, vertical and user defined aspect ratios.

- Audio conversions and filters: convert the audio, add external audio tracks and apply loudness normalization filter to distribute your videos.

- Video denoiser: easily denoise your videos with the new improved denoiser.

- Video filters: apply basic and advanced filters, slow motion, motion blur, or a burn-in filter to improve your videos.

- Blazing speeds: Intertake supports multi core CPUs, 512 bits instructions and CUDA/OpenCL GPU cards. The Job Server can render up to 4 videos simultaneously.

Price and availability Acrovid Intertake x64 for Windows OS is available for immediate purchase and download from the Acrovid online shop, and is available for a special introductory price of $119.

For more information and video tutorials visit the Acrovid Intertake web page:


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