Hzandbits release Rain Sound Effects Library


Last Updated: August 31, 2020 12:37 pm GMT
(August 31, 2020) Hzandbits Sound Effects has just released Rain - a collection of rain sound effects weighing in at 7.7 Gb of high quality recordings. Already receiving praise among sound designers and sound supervisors in the films- and games industries, Hzandbits adds to the catalogue with this weather-themed library.

Logo for Rain sound effects released by Hzandbits

Rain runs over 4 hours of field recordings and 113 separate files, and features rain on a host of different surfaces such as asphalt, metal and plastic roofs, cardboard, wood and vegetation. All sounds were recorded in 24bit/96kHz, covering microphone techniques from mono to mid/side. This yields a selection of sounds which will cover your needs, whether you are looking for a wide background or ambient rain, or you need a specific material flavor to enhance your soundscape.

Rain background and specifics 113 sounds 7.7 Gb 24 bit 96 kHz

All files come with embedded metadata, and are compliant with the Universal Category System - the emerging standard for naming sound files, as developed by leading Hollywood audio professionals.


About Hzandbits:
Hzandbits Sound Effects is an independent maker of sound effects for digital creatives everywhere, with sounds featured in "The Cave" - 2020 Academy Award Nominee for Best Documentary Feature, as well as many other productions spanning cinema, games, radio and theater.


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