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Marquis’ Completes X2Pro Customer Survey
Marquis Broadcast, specialist in content workflows and media integration software, has announced it has completed a customer survey to find out how they use X2Pro in order to make product enhancements in the future. Marquis collaborated with FCPX Training from, Lumberjack System, Inc, XMiL Workflow Tools, Color Grading Central and Industrial Revolution in order to put the survey together and to gained feedback from more than 1000 customers.
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XMiL Workflow Tools releases EDL-X, a tool to convert Final Cut Pro X XML to a CMX 3600 EDL.
XMiL Workflow Tools announces the release of EDLX, an application that generates industry-standard Edit Decision Lists (a.k.a. EDLs) based on XML information from Apple Inc.'s video editor Final Cut Pro X. The EDLs made by EDL-X comply with the CMX 3600 standard. This standard is widely used in the prost-production industry to supply timecode information describing the composition of edited video programs to the tools used further down in the finishing pipeline. Those applications include color correction, as well as final picture and sound assembly.
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Convert Final Cut Pro X XML to a CMX 3600 EDL With EDL-X, by XMiL Workflow Tools
XMiL Workflow Tools today announced it is actively developing EDL-X, an application that will generate industry-standard EDLs (edit decision lists) based on XML information from Final Cut Pro X. The EDLs will be formatted to comply with CMX 3600, a standard widely used in post-production to supply timecode information.
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